Monday, 25 May 2015

NEW NAILS | Muted Tones

Hi guys,

I feel like I've been changing my nails without showing you, I've changed them a few times but they've been pretty simple and boring so I didn't really bother.
I really liked these set of nails so I definitely had to get it on the blog.

I've been staying within my comfort zone and sticking to my muted tones, I love neutral nails cause I don't feel weird when wearing coloured outfits.

I can't remember the name of this nail polish which is so annoying because I always try and remember. It's by O.P.I so I'll leave the links below to colours that I think it could be.
But anyway, it's grey with a purple undertone which I love 'cause I lurveee me a lil' bit o' purple.

I'm getting them done again soon, I'm actually getting them cut down shorter, I'm tired of long nails so now would be a great time to cut them down before my birthday.

What do you guys think?
Do you prefer bright colours on the nails or muted tones and nudes? I'm clearly the latter!

Possible Nail Shades:

I hope you're all well and enjoying the bank holiday! 

Take care,

Saturday, 16 May 2015

REVIEW | La Roche Posay Effaclar Anti Blemish System

Hey guys,

My blogging schedule is all over the place but I wanted to get this review up sooner than later!
I purchased this kit back in March, right at the start. I've been using it almost daily since I got it.

I was first introduced to La Roche Posay last year when it was all the hype among the blogosphere.
I received a sample of the Effaclar Duo and it worked wonders on my skin so I definitely wanted to try different products.

When I finally got my hands on the Anti Blemish System, I was super excited to see how it would work on my face.
I have oily/combination skin and I know a lot of people had mentioned that it had made their skin dry but they said they had used it religiously until they realised.

As I mentioned, I started using it straight away and it has been just over 2 months so I definitely had the chance to fully test these products.
I have different opinions on each one so I'm going to review them separately.

First step in the system is the Purifying Foam Gel. It's supposed to help remove impurities that may lead to the appearance of blemishes and reduces excess sebum, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh. 
It says you should apply it to lather it between your hands and apply it to a wet face and massage gently, no vigorous rubbing or flannels are needed.
And then rinse. Pretty simple.

What I like about this product is that it completely strips my face of unnecessary oils. I know that all nasties are being removed from my face. It doesn't wash away make up so it would be advised to properly take your make up off with a micellar water or make up remover first.

The downside of the gel is that it doesn't lather up enough for me, I like facial washes to lather up so it feels like it goes a long way. However, having it not lather up as much is a good way of making sure there's no residue left on the skin.
Also, although my face may feel super clean, it can be left quite dry if I don't finish all the steps in one go. If I am distracted, I notice that my skin feels very tight.

Next is the Effaclar Clarifying Toner, it should mattify, refine your skin texture and help reduce the appearance of pores. It's the second step in the system and it tells you to apply it to the face using a cotton pad.

I personally didn't like this product as much as I did the gel and duo [+] mainly because it made my skin so dry.
As I apply it to the skin, it drags it and makes me feel like it may be a bit harsh for me. It does make my skin smoother and the pores seem smaller.
One of the major turn offs were, after a couple weeks of using it, sensitive parts (around my eyes) of my face started to peel slightly due to dryness. 

I calmed down the use of it to alternating days and night. If I used it in the morning of the Day 1, I wouldn't use it again until the night of Day 3. This helped a lot, I haven't been wearing much make up lately so it was easy to refrain from using it.

I did like it much more with the new system I was using.

Lastly, the Effaclar Duo [+], the moisturiser!
It claims to correct by reducing the appearance of blemishes and red and brown marks. Provides 24 hour hydration and creates an excellent base for makeup.

It's the last step and probably the most important for me. Having oily skin is a struggle and finding the right moisturiser is an even bigger struggle.
I loved using the Effaclar Duo and was delighted when they introduced the [+].

I'd say this is my favourite product of the 3, I love how it feels on my skin, it definitely lives up to 'excellent base for make up' statement, I love using it with my primer and it helps my base stick throughout the whole day.

If it used with all products from the system, you skin feels super smooth and cleansed.

Overall, I've made the system work for me, after weeks of trailing, I know that I can't over use the toner because it dries out my skin.
If you have super sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend it because you will have a crazy dry skin and possibly some peeling like I did.
Because I have cut back on the use of the toner, it will last longer and my skin won't be as dry.

As a whole, I do like the Anti Blemish System, I've noticed a huge change in my skin, I don't get ginormous and sore pimples (TMI?) anymore. That was one of my major issues with having oily skin.
LRP offer a wide range of products for all skin types so definitely check out their website.

I will repurchase for £32.50, which is a bit expensive but so worth it, one product could retail for around £15 so definitely snap up the kit if you want all 3 products.
I do wish they had a mix and match system so you could pick whatever would suit your skin, that we be great and an amazing way of trying different products.

Have any of you tried the Effaclar Anti Blemish System?
Was you a fan or nah? I'd love to know!

Take care guys,
Jesslyn x

Thursday, 7 May 2015

NEW IN | Converse High Tops

A month doesn't go by where I don't buy a pair of shoes.
I have a shopping addiction, I can proudly admit that and my mum's very glad that I can admit it and doesn't have a crazy daughter that thinks her excessive shopping is normal haha

But anyways, I've been wanting the all black Converses for the longest time and I've finally got a pair!

I'm a high tops girl so buying the high tops was a no brainer. I always thought Converses run a size smaller but they don't.
I'd recommend anyone buying them, to buy them in store, buying them online is tricky.
I asked for a 6 thinking that it would be okay to order a size up but wanted to be sure so the Schuh guy kindly got out a 5 for me.
The 5 fit like a glove and I was so happy I had tried it on.

They retail for £48 in Schuh but with a student discount I got them for £43.20.
Any discount is a good discount, right?

I love them, I've been wearing them nearly everyday (other than when I go to the gym), they go with everything and they're super comfortable after they've been broken in.

I'd love to know if anyone has a pair and how they'd style them!

Hope everyone's having a good week and thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

Saturday, 2 May 2015

OOTD | Before the Transition

Primark Polo Jumper | Primark High Waisted Jeans | Bershka Coat 
 Converse All Star High Tops | Calvin Klein Tote Bag

Hey guys,

It's been a while since my last OOTD, my outfits have been  pretty simple because it's that time of the year where you're transitioning and your wardrobe needs a refresh.

I was on a bowling date with the bestie so I kept it basic, the sun was out but the wind was ridiculous so a coat and a beanie was a must. 

I'm in love with my new CK tote bag, it goes with everything, it's now become an everyday essential. I love a bag that can fit everything in, especially my DSLR.

My Converses are a new purchases and I love the fact that I got them all black, I've been wearing them non-stop.
If you're not a trainers person, I'd recommend a pair of Converses!

That's my OOTD for today, I'm looking forward to Spring and injecting some colour into my wardrobe.
What are you guys looking forward to wearing this S/S? I'd love to know, a girl needs to go shopping!

Take care,
Jesslyn x

Friday, 1 May 2015


Hey guys,

After my break from blogging, it made me think about how hard it can be to balance your life and blogging.

I'm a 'go with the flow' kind of girl but I also like my life to be structured and that comes with having a routine.
I was so used to being able to blog frequently whilst keeping up to date with uni work but as soon as I missed a week of being up to date, catching up was super hard.
I immediately pushed blogging to the side because I felt like it was important or wasn't 'top priority'.

As I saw emails coming through and lovely people commenting on my blog, I felt so bad that I wasn't able to balance the two things I enjoyed doing.

So here are a few tips on how to keep that balance!

1. Get a diary. This was one of the main reasons why I didn't have organisation. My 2014 diary obviously came to an end so I was using my academic diary to jot down all the things I needed to do and it slowly became a mess.
I prefer week to week view because I see an overview of the whole week and make sure there's a good balance.

2. Priortise the important things. This goes hand in hand with the diary. Jot down all the things that have to be done and then you can pencil in all the things that you want to get done.
For example; 'type up essay' gets penned in before 'hour in the gym'.

3. Exercise. I know it may seem weird to take time out to exercise but I tell you, it helped so much.
I'm not saying hit the gym everyday but I felt that going to the gym at least twice a week helped clear my mind.

4. Set goals. This is a good way of being able to say 'I've completed A & B, so C can be done tomorrow'. If you know what you want done is getting done, you'll feel at ease.
Setting goals helps you realise how much needs to get ticked off the list.

5. Take a break. In my case, a blogging break was a must, you can't take a break from uni work so it was my only choice.
When you have the chance to have fun or have a nice relaxing dinner, take it!

So those are my 5 tips on how I try and keep a balanced life, it's so hard when you have a lot to do.
However, if you take the time to evaluate, you'll feel way better.

That's all for today guys!

Jesslyn x
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