Saturday, 25 April 2015

NEW HAIR | Peruvian Kinky Curly

Hey guys, 

FashionSquash is finally back, up and running!
The past couple of weeks have been super hectic with uni deadlines and there was literally no time for blogging.
I don't like putting up half-hearted content so I decided to focus fully on uni work. I've completed my first year which I'm ecstatic about. I may or may not look for an internship this Summer, I really need the rest haha!
I do plan to travel this Summer so I'm looking forward to that!

But anyways, I'll save the updates for another post.

This post is all about my new hair, I change my hair quite often and usually quite drastically.
After rocking my natural hair, Brazilian body wave and Malaysian bangs, I wanted to go for something quite different that I hadn't tried yet.

I wanted a quick hair change so instead of buying bundles and making my own wig, I decided to actually buy the wig already made.

I bought it from a seller on AliExpress, Goddess Hair Store who offers all types of virgin hair, bundleds, closures and wigs.

I went for the Peruvian Kinky Curly wig, I ordered on the Thursday and it arrived on Tuesday morning.

I washed it on Thursday, I used a sulphate free shampoo and my leave in conditioner.
The curls were popping and I was super happy to see only a few strands come out whilst washing and very minimal tangling.

I didn't any oils or serums to it, which explains the frizziness, I just wet the hair again and the curls reformed,

I love this hair, it's so easy to manage and it's just like working with my own hair.
I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that wants kinky hair, peruvian hair is ridiculously soft and silky so that adds to the ease of managing it.

I paid £89.70 including P&P, which is a really good price for virgin hair, I would definitely order another one, it would have to be a longer length of course.

That's all for today, you'll keep seeing this hair for a while because I'm in love with it!
Definitely check out Goddess Hair Store, they have a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading and it feels so good to be back!

Jesslyn x

*disclaimer- this hair wasn't sent to me for a review, I always love telling you guys what I've done to my hair. If it so happens to be amazing hair, I have to let you know and vice versa!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

I'm Still Alive!

Hey everyone,

I know, it's been so long!
Your girl has been stuck doing uni work, I underestimated how much work I would have and how little time I would have for blogging.

I have a few posts ideas to go up so as soon as I am free so don't worry my blog will have my full attention very soon.

I'm so excited to finish uni for the year, I can't believe I've nearly completed the first year of my degree.
It's crazy how much I've learnt in just 24 weeks. It has been a bit of a cramp which I struggled with but I think with some strict organisation and weekly planning, I stayed on top of it all.

Hope everyone is well and isn't missing me too much, bare with me, FashionSquash will be up and running soon!

Thanks for being patience, do read my previous posts and follow me on Instagram (@jesslynrobert) and on Snapchat (@jsln_rbt), I frequently upload on those!

Take care guys,
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