Thursday, 5 March 2015

OOTD | Living in Comfort

Made by me Crop Top | Vintage Levi Jeans | eBay Snapback | Primark Puffer Jacket
Peacocks Messenger Bag (old) | Adidas Superstar Trainers

Hey, hey, hey!

First off, I want to apologise for the irritating blurred pictures, it was one of those days and I only realised when I came to put the pictures up. Ugh!

However, best believe I have been living in hats, beanies, snapbacks, the lot! I've been really lazy with my hair so hats are a quick fix.

You guys know I love my casual outfits so after a few uni outfits I'd been showing you guys, I thought I'd show you how I look when I literally throw something together when I'm going to the nail shop or dashing somewhere where make up and all of the above isn't needed.

I've been living in my vintage Levi jeans, I love them, they just go with everything and you can dress them up or down.
I made this top ages ago, I never really got round to hemming it but I wanted to thrown it on haha I will get round to finishing it off.

Adidas Superstars to complete the look of course, they're such classic trainers, I feel so 90's when I wear them.
I think this outfit as a whole is very 90's, I like it, it's so me!

That's all for today guys, hope all is well, 

Take care,
Jesslyn x


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