Sunday, 15 March 2015

NEW IN | Primark & Gymwear


 Full Length Workout Leggings £9 | Puffer Jacket £5 (on sale) 
Paisley Print Leggings £3 (on sale)

Sports Direct 

Karrimor Running Tights (Blue|Black) Both £5.50 
Londsdale Sports Bra (Black-Pink| Black| White)  Ranging from £2 to £4 depending on size

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick haul to show you guys what I've picked up lately.

I'm really into fitness at the moment, I'm loving the gym and how my body's changing for the better.
So with that, buying gym clothes has become my new obsession.

Whilst on my shopping with the bestie (mentioned in my last haul) I had a little look in Primark to see if there was anything new.
I only saw basics and wasn't really impressed.
However, I have the black gym leggings and love them so I picked up a grey pair. I also was super shocked to see the puffer jacket I have in black, in blue for £5. I had to buy it, £5 is ridiculous haha
Lastly, there was a rail of printed leggings on sale so I picked up the navy paisley ones.
Nothing excited but I'll probably be back in there next week.

My obsession with buying gym clothes continued when I got home and had a browse on the Sports Direct site to see if I could get some.
I saw these Karrimor leggings on sale for £30 less, Lord knows I put that straight into my basket.
I got two because I couldn't decide between the black and blue, however, I love the blue way more.
I also ordered some new sports bras, they're exactly the same as the ones I have now but I just needed more of them so I wouldn't have to wash them so frequently.

That's all really, nothing exciting unless you're into fitness stuff. Although say that, these leggings are so comfortable that I feel to buy more to wear at home haha
I'm changing gyms in about two weeks so I'm excited to start with some new gear!

What have you all been obsessing over lately? Any gym rats out there, I'd love to know your routines!
I may do a fitness post soon so stay tuned my lovelies!

Take care,
Jesslyn xx


  1. I love karrimor at the moment, all my stuff seems to be from them haha! Great haul :) x

    1. I've just discovered them and I'm in love haha x
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great haul ! Nice selection ! I should do sport again... lol but i am too lazy ! X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back !

    1. Thank you, I've been at it for around 6 months, I'm super lazy too but you get used to it! x

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