Friday, 13 March 2015

Last Min Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey guys,

If you're like me and always leave things to the last minute, this post is for you.
Mother's Day has come running at us and I'm pretty sure most of us are shocked at how fast it is.
We're so used to it being at the end of month that most of us haven't even had time (or you forgot haha!) to buy a gift for our mamas.

Below is a gift guide that can help out those struggling to find a last minute gift. They still have some thought put into them which is great.

Nella Milano Nail Polish*

First up, I was sent these nail polishes to include in my gift guide. Nella Milano is a new label that launched a series of stylish collections for those ladies that love their colour. Launching three new collections Four Seasons, Forget Me Not and Tyrian, I'm sure you can find the perfect one for your mum.

I was sent Forget Me Not which has amazing hues of blue, coming in at £8.95 (on sale now for £6.99), it's so worth it.

If you know mamas not into colour, check out their other collections!

Sewing Kit

If you're mum's a creative and loves her DIY, why not get her a cute sewing kit.
Aldi always have them in and their always nice to have. As a designer, it's so handy to have a kit that I can carry around easily.

The tins they come in are so lovely, they have loads you can choose from, whether you want a playful one or sophisticared one.

It comes in at £2.99 which is so inexpensive and would be nice paired up with some chocolates and flowers.

Faith In Nature Hand Lotion*

If you're mums into scents and organic products, why not go for the Faith In Nature's Coconut hand lotion.
It was sent to me and I loved it (review) so I thought what mum doesn't like a luxurious lotion hence why it's in my gift guide.

They have other scents, if she's not into coconut, They also have gift sets and hampers which is also nice.

Also, very inexpensive, the lotion on it's own comes in under £5 and ranging from £6.99 to £40 for the gifts sets and hampers.

Superdrug Face Masks

 What mum doesn't love a good face mask?

Superdrug have a variety for different skin types and different needs so why not pick up a few and give your mum a lovely at-home spa day.

For £2.50, you could pick up a whole load, that will keep your mum happy for a while haha
I love these masks, they last ages and always give you that boost you need when you want to pamper yourself.

If you didn't have time to book a spa day, why not have a mother-daughter pamper day at home with some candles and wine!

So that's my last minute gift guide for you guys, I'm such a last minute person, posts like these are always super helpful.
Hope you all can find the perfect gift for her.

Happy's Mother's Day (in advance!)

Take care,
Jesslyn xxx

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