Sunday, 15 March 2015

NEW IN | Primark & Gymwear


 Full Length Workout Leggings £9 | Puffer Jacket £5 (on sale) 
Paisley Print Leggings £3 (on sale)

Sports Direct 

Karrimor Running Tights (Blue|Black) Both £5.50 
Londsdale Sports Bra (Black-Pink| Black| White)  Ranging from £2 to £4 depending on size

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick haul to show you guys what I've picked up lately.

I'm really into fitness at the moment, I'm loving the gym and how my body's changing for the better.
So with that, buying gym clothes has become my new obsession.

Whilst on my shopping with the bestie (mentioned in my last haul) I had a little look in Primark to see if there was anything new.
I only saw basics and wasn't really impressed.
However, I have the black gym leggings and love them so I picked up a grey pair. I also was super shocked to see the puffer jacket I have in black, in blue for £5. I had to buy it, £5 is ridiculous haha
Lastly, there was a rail of printed leggings on sale so I picked up the navy paisley ones.
Nothing excited but I'll probably be back in there next week.

My obsession with buying gym clothes continued when I got home and had a browse on the Sports Direct site to see if I could get some.
I saw these Karrimor leggings on sale for £30 less, Lord knows I put that straight into my basket.
I got two because I couldn't decide between the black and blue, however, I love the blue way more.
I also ordered some new sports bras, they're exactly the same as the ones I have now but I just needed more of them so I wouldn't have to wash them so frequently.

That's all really, nothing exciting unless you're into fitness stuff. Although say that, these leggings are so comfortable that I feel to buy more to wear at home haha
I'm changing gyms in about two weeks so I'm excited to start with some new gear!

What have you all been obsessing over lately? Any gym rats out there, I'd love to know your routines!
I may do a fitness post soon so stay tuned my lovelies!

Take care,
Jesslyn xx

Friday, 13 March 2015

Last Min Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey guys,

If you're like me and always leave things to the last minute, this post is for you.
Mother's Day has come running at us and I'm pretty sure most of us are shocked at how fast it is.
We're so used to it being at the end of month that most of us haven't even had time (or you forgot haha!) to buy a gift for our mamas.

Below is a gift guide that can help out those struggling to find a last minute gift. They still have some thought put into them which is great.

Nella Milano Nail Polish*

First up, I was sent these nail polishes to include in my gift guide. Nella Milano is a new label that launched a series of stylish collections for those ladies that love their colour. Launching three new collections Four Seasons, Forget Me Not and Tyrian, I'm sure you can find the perfect one for your mum.

I was sent Forget Me Not which has amazing hues of blue, coming in at £8.95 (on sale now for £6.99), it's so worth it.

If you know mamas not into colour, check out their other collections!

Sewing Kit

If you're mum's a creative and loves her DIY, why not get her a cute sewing kit.
Aldi always have them in and their always nice to have. As a designer, it's so handy to have a kit that I can carry around easily.

The tins they come in are so lovely, they have loads you can choose from, whether you want a playful one or sophisticared one.

It comes in at £2.99 which is so inexpensive and would be nice paired up with some chocolates and flowers.

Faith In Nature Hand Lotion*

If you're mums into scents and organic products, why not go for the Faith In Nature's Coconut hand lotion.
It was sent to me and I loved it (review) so I thought what mum doesn't like a luxurious lotion hence why it's in my gift guide.

They have other scents, if she's not into coconut, They also have gift sets and hampers which is also nice.

Also, very inexpensive, the lotion on it's own comes in under £5 and ranging from £6.99 to £40 for the gifts sets and hampers.

Superdrug Face Masks

 What mum doesn't love a good face mask?

Superdrug have a variety for different skin types and different needs so why not pick up a few and give your mum a lovely at-home spa day.

For £2.50, you could pick up a whole load, that will keep your mum happy for a while haha
I love these masks, they last ages and always give you that boost you need when you want to pamper yourself.

If you didn't have time to book a spa day, why not have a mother-daughter pamper day at home with some candles and wine!

So that's my last minute gift guide for you guys, I'm such a last minute person, posts like these are always super helpful.
Hope you all can find the perfect gift for her.

Happy's Mother's Day (in advance!)

Take care,
Jesslyn xxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OOTD | "The Stripey Red One"

Shirt | Primark High Waisted Jeans | Bershka Coat | Topshop Skaters | eBay Bag
(Can't remember where the hat's from!)

Hey guys,

I'm on a roll with OOTD's, I've come to realise that the amount of clothes I have is ridiculous and need to make a use out of them all.

So with that being said I've been putting different pieces together to make my excessive shopping worthwhile haha

Now, this shirt is something I'm always apprehensive to wear because I always get the 'is that a pajama top' look because of the stripes. 
However, when I do wear it and with the way I wear it, I always get compliments on it.

I've had it for a while now but it's never made it to the blog.
I just paired it with my light wash jeans and my bathrobe-esque coat.

I also haven't worn my skater shoes in ages so I dug them out. They're quite uncomfortable shoes and hard to break in but maybe it's because I'm used to trainers that have a moulded sole?
I don't know but I love the way they look haha

Again, I'm in a hat, lazy girl I know!

That's it for today, hope you're all liking my OOTD's, I know some people find it hard to style trainers so it's nice to help y'all out.

Take care guys,

Sunday, 8 March 2015

NEW IN | Beauty + Skincare Bits

La Roche Posay Effaclar Anti Blemish System | Boots
Superdrug Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
Superdrug 2 in 1 Detoxifying Cream Wash & Mask
L'Oreal Micellar Water | Superdrug
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Caramel
L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal | Beauty Base
LA Colors Lipstick | Beauty Base

Hey guys,

Feels like I hadn't shopped in ages, my bestie came back to London and we definitely wanted to meet up to have a little shop and catch up.
I vowed that I wouldn't shop for the whole of March but I'm weak and have no willpower haha so no spending ban until April!

I bought some clothes but I'll save them for another haul because I'm waiting for a package to arrive so today's haul is just a beauty one.

First up is skincare.
Taking care of my skin is first priority so when all my products were running out, my face started breaking out evident that my skin can't live without proper care.
I didn't want to go beauty shopping twice so I waited (silly idea tbh lol) until I could buy them all at once.

My skin loved the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo so when I saw the Anti Blemish System, I closed my eyes and bought it. It was £32.50 which hurt my soul to pay but I think it's worth it.
I've started using it and I can't wait to review it for you guys, my oily skin sisters are going to love it!

Next are repurchases, Superdrug Blackhead Scrub and Detoxifying Cream Wash, I know they work well on my skin so repurchasing is a must. I usually buy them together because Superdrug always have deals on. They've actually gone up in price from £2.59 to £2.69 which is annoying but I managed to get them with the Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal.
I also repurchased the L'Oreal  Micellar Water which is great for make up removal and I'll keep buying it  until I can't buy it no more. It was £2.99 which is pretty cheap considering it used to be hitting around £5.

Steering away from skincare but sticking to repurchases.
My favourite foundation is the Revlon Colorstay so it was only right that I took up the Buy 1, Get The 2nd Half Price offer. I got to the till and the lovely cashier suggested that I do so I sprinted back to the counter to pick it up. It was £12.49 and then I got the 2nd, half price.
I've done a review on this foundation, click here to read it!

Lastly, are bits that I picked up from Beauty Base, first is the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal. I actually bought a lighter shade for the eyebrows but needed a shade darker for the under eyes. So I went ahead bought it, it was £4.99!
And the LA Color lipstick is a very dark red, I've been on the hunt for this lipstick for ages so when I saw it for £1, I bought it without hesitation.

So that's my mini beauty haul, I'd love to know if any of you have been buying any bits and bobs!
Skincare is top for me right now, nothing better than good skin girl haha

Hope everyone's well and thanks for reading,

Thursday, 5 March 2015

OOTD | Living in Comfort

Made by me Crop Top | Vintage Levi Jeans | eBay Snapback | Primark Puffer Jacket
Peacocks Messenger Bag (old) | Adidas Superstar Trainers

Hey, hey, hey!

First off, I want to apologise for the irritating blurred pictures, it was one of those days and I only realised when I came to put the pictures up. Ugh!

However, best believe I have been living in hats, beanies, snapbacks, the lot! I've been really lazy with my hair so hats are a quick fix.

You guys know I love my casual outfits so after a few uni outfits I'd been showing you guys, I thought I'd show you how I look when I literally throw something together when I'm going to the nail shop or dashing somewhere where make up and all of the above isn't needed.

I've been living in my vintage Levi jeans, I love them, they just go with everything and you can dress them up or down.
I made this top ages ago, I never really got round to hemming it but I wanted to thrown it on haha I will get round to finishing it off.

Adidas Superstars to complete the look of course, they're such classic trainers, I feel so 90's when I wear them.
I think this outfit as a whole is very 90's, I like it, it's so me!

That's all for today guys, hope all is well, 

Take care,
Jesslyn x

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello my lovelies!

What a start to the week, I've been working like crazy, you wouldn't believe.
It's deadline month at uni and oh boy, all the work I've left until last minute is catching up on me. 
I've been dragging a suitcase around with me like a typical fashion student and I'm absolutely hating but I have no choice! *cries*

However, in the midst of all of this, I do find the time to get my nails done haha

I can't stand when my nails look crappy so when they're long overdue, it's such a relief to get them freshened up.

I love when my nails grow out because I love them long! These are my favourite set of nails in such a long time, I'm in love with them.
I asked my girl to change the shape from a square-ish shape to the 'coffin' or 'ballerina' shape.
I'm a huge fan of stilletto, pointy nails but sometimes it's nice to tone it down so this a step down.

I can't remember the last time I did a french tip design, it must be years!
I love it, I should do it more often, they're simple and clean looking. I actually had them airbrushed for the first time which I love the look of, I'm excited to see how long it will last.

I couldn't keep them too simple though, I had to throw in the leopard print haha

I've had quite a few compliments so I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves them, what do you guys think?
Favourite pair of nails so far or have any other set been your favourites?
I'd love to know what you think!

So that's my new set of nails guys!
Hope everyone's having a good start to the week.

Take care,
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