Saturday, 7 February 2015

Review | MAC Fix +

Hi guys!

February is flying by, I can't believe I've only got a month or so left of my first year at uni.
Crazy right?

I've been changing a lot lately, my style, my make up routine, skincare routine, everything really.
I'm not someone who likes change but when I do change, I feel so refreshed.

As I am talking about change, I wanted to share with you guys, my new addition to the my make up routine.
I usually use MUA's Fixing Mist but we had a love-hate relationship, I didn't like using it as a fixing mist but as a primer instead. Definitely check out my review where I discussed about how I tried it again and quite liked it! Let me know you're experiences if you've used it.

I also mentioned that I had my eye on the MAC Fix+ and on my trip to Berlin, back in October, I stopped at duty free and picked it up.

I've been using it since and I love it!
Not only do I use it to set my make up, I also use it to prime my face and refresh during the day or after the gym.

I bought the travel sized one but I so wish I could've bought the regular size however it is a good size for carrying around in the ol' make up bag.

I've been using it daily since October and it's nowhere near finished. I haven't broken out using it which usually happens with MAC products but I've been completely fine.

It sets my make up perfectly, I spray it with confidence after applying my full face of make up.
I absolutely love using it after the gym to refresh my skin and give my skin some moisture.
I only do my eyebrows when I go to the gym ( I need them!) so you can imagine I look a state so having the Fix + is so useful.

I have oily skin and it has definitely helped me out, I'd so recommend it.
I know MAC is a bit on the pricey side but £10 for the travel size and £15.50 for the regular is so worth it! I got it for £8.49 or around that at duty free and I'm so glad I bought it.
I will definitely repurchase, it's a great investment for my make up lovers!

What are your opinions, are you a Fix + fan?
I'd love to know!

Take care guys,
Jesslyn x


  1. I've been hearing really good things about this. Must pick one up soon! x

    1. You definitely should, it's so worth it! x

  2. Love this!

    Check my latest post out-

  3. this product is just incredible. i love it

    1. It's amazing isn't it?! Thanks for commenting xxx


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