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FashionSquash's Helping Hand | Makeup Expiration Dates

Hi everyone,

It's the beginning of a new month, can you believe it! I'm grateful to see February and hopefully, it will be a month of hard work and progress.

Now, new months give you a chance to start something afresh throughout the year so with that being said, I'm bringing back FashionSquash's Helping Hand.
It's a series I started back in 2013 and I really wanted to bring it back this year because I love helping you guys and letting you in on all my tips and tricks.

Today's posts is a topic that I think everybody needs to familarise themselves with.
Makeup Expiration Dates.

I'm not going to lie, when I first started wearing makeup, I used to have mascaras for over 6 months, eyeliners for nearly a year long. When I think about it, the real reason for that was, I wasn't wearing makeup as much as I do now so my makeup used to last ages.

Nowadays, my foundation is finishing within 5-7 months, lipglosses are being emptied within 6 months and this to me is a good thing because it allows me to stick within the time frame I'm supposed to use them.

It's very important to clear out your makeup drawers, especially if you have excessive amounts of makeup. You don't want to be putting eye products anywhere near your eyes, months after the expiring date.

Below, I'm going to inform you of all the standard expiration times for each type of product and just give you a little insight on why.

Mascara | 3 Months
This is an eye product so changing it up every 3 months is essential to prevent any possible infections. It is a liquid consistency so it is prone to building up bacteria. If you have sensitive eyes, i really suggest being strict with your mascaras.

Liquid/Pencil Eye Liners | 6 Months
Similar to mascara, it is an eye product so again changing your eyeliners is essential. You have a little bit longer than a mascara, 6 months is essential to change a liquid liner. However a pencil eyeliner can last double the time because it isn't a liquid consistency but do sharpen it frequently to keep it fresh.

Foundation | 6-12 Months
Most foundations last for about a year, depending on how much you use them. However, if you have sensitive or oily/acne-prone skin, 6 months should be the time frame you're looking to get rid of it.
Foundations can last quite a long time but remember you're using this product on your face and if you feel that something isn't right about it, just chuck it!

Concealer | 1 Year
Concealers have quite a variation because of the consistency. Powder concealers can last up to 2 years but anything liquid or creamy should be ready to depart from the makeup drawers within a year.

Lipgloss | 1 Year
Again, the liquid consistency means that 1 year is the limit, you don't want to be using expired lipgloss. That is gross! If you notice a change in colour or smell with 3 or 6 months don't be hesitant to throw it away!

Lipstick | 2 Years
Lipsticks, on the other hand, have a longer life span but same as the lipgloss, if you notice any changes, feel free to chuck it.

Powder | 2 Years
Depending on the powder, pressed or loose, they can last very long, pressed ones may have to be given up sooner, mainly because you're dipping a brush into a pressed product and bacteria can easily start building up, especially if you use dirty brushes.

Eyeshadow, Bronzer, Blusher | 2 Years
Again, these are pressed products, so using clean brushes and not mixing them can preserve your products for longer.

Nail Polish | 2 Years
With nail polishes, you can always tell when they start to go funny so yes, just chuck them, bacteria on the nails is not pretty. You don't want that girls!

So that's my first monthly segment of FashionSquash's Helping Hand, it will be every 1st of the month so jot that down in your diaries because you don't want to miss on those tips and tricks.
I'll be doing everything from fashion to beauty to hair so there's something for everyone.

I hope this has helped anyone that didn't know much about makeup expiration dates or even if you did know but just needed a little reminder, I hope it was beneficial. Let me know if you're strict with your make up or if it doesn't really bother you.

That's all for today, feel free to leave any suggestions for the March segment or if you want this series to be a bit more frequent, just let me know!

Thanks for reading and take care,
Jesslyn x

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