Saturday, 28 February 2015

Review | ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer


I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend, the weather's actually been alright so I hope everyone took advantage of it.
I had a few days off uni so I took the time to spend more time with the family, I went rollerskating which was fun. I'm so busy at times so it's hard to find time for everything, if you missed it, check out what I get up to as fashion design student!

Because I don't have a lot of time, I like to stick to what I know and use it to it's death.
Which brings me to the ELF Cosmetics Maximum Coverage Concealer.

I bought it mainly because I needed a new concealer to replace my under eye concealer and maybe my eyebrow concealer.
I'm someone that prefers to shop for make up in person so picking the right shade online was a bit of a struggle.

I went with the shade Almond because it was the shade that seemed to match my skin tone the best.
I would say ELF don't really have a wide selection of shades to choose from which is a shame.

I've used it for the past 2 months or so, it hasn't made me break out which is usually my main problem when it comes to new products.
I have oily skin so it's hard to find products that don't trigger a breakout.
It is oil free so it's great for those that have oily/combination skin.

I used it mainly for under eye coverage, it has a matte finish which is great for everyday use, I'm someone that doesn't like to powder under the eye too much so having a concealer that has a matte finish is super helpful.

It's buildable so you can go really light or build it up for maximum coverage, I go for medium coverage which is enough for me on a daily basis.

I love the packaging, ELF are good for sleek packaging! I'm a huge fan of being able to see the concealer from the outside.

Overall, I do like the concealer and would recommend it.
However, they don't have a wide selection of shades so if you are looking to purchase, bare that in mind.
For £3.95, I'd say you can't go wrong, if you're lucky to find a shade that matches, definitely go for it!

Did you like it or nah?
I'd love to know if anyone of you have tried this concealer!

Take care guys,
Jesslyn x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LFW Overview

 Magaret Howell
Preen by Thorton Bregazzi
Christopher Raeburn 

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's been enjoying the Fashion Weeks, London Fashion Week has come to the end!
I always look forward to the London segment of the Fashion Weeks because the style is amazing and as an aspiring designer, I relate to the designers way more than any others.

I think nearly every designer had a good coat going this season. 
The textures and colours were so on point, I usually have my favourites each season but this season, I actually couldn't pick my faves.
Every collection had something I loved about it, whether it be the styling or the actual pieces.

I'm so looking forward to A/W15, I always look forward to A/W but this year's trends are so on point!
I can't wait to be honest. What were your favourite designers or looks from LFW?
I'd love to know!

Jesslyn x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

OOTD | Matalan Lovin'

Matalan Jumper | River Island Jeans (old) | Primark Jacket & Bag | Nike Air Flights 

Hey guys, 

OOTD's seem to be going down a storm which is great because I'm loving my wardrobe at the moment and taking OOTD pictures are becoming second nature.

I really wanted to wear my new Matalan jumper that I bought the other day (haul), I absolutely love it.
The high-low aspect of the this jumper is amazeballs, I'm all for covering the backside from the googly eyes haha

I also like the jumper with lighter jeans so I paired it with that. I wanted to keep the outfit balanced because it is Winter and I didn't want to be dressed like it's Summer time so I threw on a black jacket and black accessories to balance it all out.

That's all for today guys, hope you liked my outfit, there are more to come haha
Let me know if you want me to do a lookbook or if you want me to style a certain item!

Thanks for reading, 

Jesslyn x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

NEW IN | Matalan Knitwear

Hi guys,

As promised, the last part of my new buys.
I was looking for some more knitwear to add to the wardrobe so I looked on so many sites and couldn't find big knit jumpers.
I remember someone mentioning to me that Matalan do good jumpers so I headed to the website and did a little browse and voila!

I found some great ones and they were all on sale going down from £25 to £8-9.
The dresses I hoped would be oversized jumpers but I'm 5ft3 so it was definitely a dress when I tried it on. I still love them, knit dresses are easy to style for Spring.

What have you picked up in the sale lately or in general?
I'd' love to know, below are the links to all 3 jumpers!

Roll Neck Jumper Link
Cream Cable Knitted Dress Link
Grey Cable Knitted Dress Link

Take care,
Jesslyn x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Day in the Life of A Fashion Student #1


As some of you may know, I am now studying a degree in Fashion Design and boy, I can tell you now, it's not easy at all.
No day is the same, it's an emotional rollercoaster and you're forever learning.
I don't talk much about what I do as fashion design student so I thought it would be nice to share with you all, what's like to be one on a daily basis.
I know a lot people think it's an easy course to do but it's very time consuming and expensive so I do recommend you think well and hard before you commit to a fashion degree.
My module leader actually said 'Don't do this degree if you're poor or have any other commitments such as kids or health problems, you have to be fashion focused 24/7'
Crazy right?

So saying all that, here's one of my days as a fashion design student!

6:30 am - 8:30am

My day starts. 
I'm up, getting ready, I usually try and decide what I want to wear the night before because most of time I wear outfits that need to be put up on the blog.
So after getting ready, I spend 30 mins before I leave to get my OOTD's shot or FOTD's etc. whatever needs doing.

8:30am - 9:30am

I leave my house at 8:30-5 to catch my 8;59 train, I take two trains afterwards getting me to uni for 9:30am. My journeys are probably the most draining part of the day, it's like I'm sent a person to irritate me, every journey haha

9:30am - 10am

I get to uni 30 mins early, 1. because my train times don't allow me to be on time, it's either early or late, I'd rather be early and 2. because I hate having to rush and be hot and flustered when I get in.
So having that 30 mins is super helpful, I use that time to catch up on work or if I don't have work to catch up on (which is never!) I watch my favourite TV shows on the tablet!

10am - 1pm

My morning lesson begins.
The module leaders usually give a presentation that could take up the morning session or they'll tell us what we'll be doing for the day and we'd get on with it.
In today's case, it was a presentation about a new project we're starting.
They brought in fabrics and garments to help inspire us, we can make any garment we like but it has to be draped on the stand (mannequin) and then transferred to a pattern.
This is my kind of project, I'm not a fan of researching, I love having an idea and then bringing it to life.


Lunchtime! Didn't get any pictures because I was super hungry and honestly, completely forgot I even had my camera on me.
I had a Chicken Chettinad wrap (I think that's what it's called) and all time fave, Volvic Strawberry Water.

2pm - 4pm

The fastest part of the day. Time flies by when you're having fun I guess.
I was struggling to find inspiration so I flipped through a pattern book and found an amazing sleeve pattern which I decided to use as my starting point.
I got out some pattern paper and tried to execute the pattern, I've never done a raglan sleeve so it was a challenge.
I spent my afternoon working on it and I was inspired so much and came up with so many design ideas.

4pm - 6pm

By 4pm, I'm out. 
I do stay behind sometimes, whether it be in the library or the studios but when it's a Friday and I'm tired, I'm so ready to leave.
Depending on trains and buses, it can take up to an hour and a half to get home.

6pm - 7pm

When I get home, I whip on the pj's and the cosy socks, have a little something to eat and chill.
I'm a Hollyoaks fan (are you?) so I watch that whilst scrolling on Instagram.

7pm onwards

After my chill session, I get the laptop out or the sketchbook, sometimes both and get to working.
Most of the time I'm blogging, I could write up a post for up to an hour and then do some blog planning for the month.
If blogging doesn't take up my whole evening, I'll do some sketches in my sketchbook or do some research for uni.
I could do this well into the early hours of the morning, (obviously with some snacks on the side), I'm a night owl so I work best at night and I actually get things done.
I work until I'm exhausted and then I decide it's time for bed!

So that's my day, it can be fun and stressful at times, bittersweet I'd call it!
Life as a fashion student is so interesting, your day is never the same, your hours are always spent differently, which I love. Sometimes structure can get boring so having an unpredictable day is fun.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more!

Take care,
Jesslyn x

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Friday, 13 February 2015

FOTD | Warm Faced Winter

Hi guys!

I haven't done an FOTD in ages, I've been focusing more on the fashion side of things which I am happy to be doing but I definitely don't want to neglect the beauty aspects.

So speaking of not neglecting, I thought I'd share my everyday winter make up look. 
It's a warm look that can be worn with any outfit or any hair colour or style.

Now, because I'm wearing a fringe, I like to keep the face pretty simple so I focus mainly on a flawless base.
I've been loving the brown lip lately, it's a great alternative to a nude lip which is obviously shades lighter. It's so close to my skin tone that I think it makes the look, look very edgy but simple.

Below are the products I used for this look:


MUA Pro Base Primer
MAC Fix +
Revlon ColorStay Foundation | Caramel
MUA Complexion Kit
ELF Cosmetics Maximum Coverage Concealer | Almond
Sleek Contour Kit | Medium (also used the highlighter)
Make Up Revolution Blusher | Treat


Barry M Mascara (review coming soon)
NYC Quattro Eyeshadow Palette | Best of Broadway
MUA Eyeliner | Black


LA Colors Lipliner | Dark Brown

So those are all the products I used, I hope you can get your hands on them if you want to achieve this look.
It's fairly simple and most products are super affordable.
The lipliner is a lovely £1! I will stock up on this shade, I love it!

Hope you guys liked this look, let me know if you want to see my face more haha

Take care and thanks for reading guys,
Jesslyn x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

OOTD | The Coat

Primark High Neck Jumper | Vintage Levi Mom Jeans | Bershka Coat 
Primark Weekender Bag | Adidas Superstar

Hiya guys!

I know many wanted to see this jacket styled so I made it my mission to get an OOTD up for you guys.
I wanted to go chic but keep it true to my style, I'm a huge fan of high necks, roll necks, polo necks, the lot so it was only right that I wore one for this outfit.

I'm also loving neutral colours so I incorporated that into this look.

I had to throw on my new Adidas kicks, they're my favourite trainers at the moment, they're so comfortable. If  you're going to buy a pair of trainers this year, make sure it's the Adidas Superstars, they are the classics!

I know you guys are probably thinking, 'you've changed your hair again?!' but it's only temporary until my next proper hairstyle. I do love the full fringe, it's new for me.
It's Malaysian Virgin Hair and it's the straight hair in lengths 14,16,18,20 and a 12 inch closure cut into a full fringe. It's a wig I made myself for my sister but she's not using it so I stole it haha

That's it for now, I'm enjoying showing you all my outfits, my style's changing slightly and I definitely want to keep you guys updated! Do let me know if you want to see any particular outfits with pieces I've bought or a lookbook.

Take care!
Jesslyn x

Monday, 9 February 2015

NEW IN | Adidas, Nike & New Look

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, the shopping's getting out of hand but I can assure you I've bought a few more bits and then I'm done for the month haha
I've made it a mission to go on a spending ban in March so I'm subconsciously spending more now to make up for lost time, already cheating!

Well, you guys know I love me some fresh kicks so when I kept seeing the Adidas Superstars floating arounf, I had to get my hands on them. I'm not someone that likes to have something the next person has but I could not let these babies slip through my fingers.
I got them in a size 5 and they fit great, I originally wanted a 5.5 but when they were impossible to find, I tried a 5 and surprising they were super comfortable.
I love them, they're going to be featured in my next OOTD!

Next, another pair of kicks. The Nike Air Flight Classics.
Honestly, I had my eye on these around New Year's and every time I wanted to order them, my size would sell out.
I went in to JD Sports and they said they would have my size in the next day. I went 2 days in a row and my size was sold out.
Last week I went online and by chance, my size was in so ordered them without even thinking twice!
I can't wait to wear them, they're all black so they're going to be super easy to style.

Lastly, these amazing buckled heeled boots!
I'm mainly a trainers girl but when it's not trainers it's boots, I've been on the hunt for boots for a while now and I finally found some.
I saw the perfect pair in Bershka but they didn't have my size so I turned to online searching and found these beauties on New Look, they were on sale for £14, I had to get them!
I have a few ideas of what I want to wear them with!

So these are my new shoe purchases, no more shoe shopping until I see another pair of perfect trainers  my spending ban is over!

What do you guys think, which one is your favourite?
The superstars? The flights? Or the boots?
I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading and below are the links for the shoes or alternatives!

Adidas Superstar £65 (link)
Nike Air Flight Classic £50 (alternative)
New Look Heeled Boots £14 (alternative)

Take care guys,

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Review | MAC Fix +

Hi guys!

February is flying by, I can't believe I've only got a month or so left of my first year at uni.
Crazy right?

I've been changing a lot lately, my style, my make up routine, skincare routine, everything really.
I'm not someone who likes change but when I do change, I feel so refreshed.

As I am talking about change, I wanted to share with you guys, my new addition to the my make up routine.
I usually use MUA's Fixing Mist but we had a love-hate relationship, I didn't like using it as a fixing mist but as a primer instead. Definitely check out my review where I discussed about how I tried it again and quite liked it! Let me know you're experiences if you've used it.

I also mentioned that I had my eye on the MAC Fix+ and on my trip to Berlin, back in October, I stopped at duty free and picked it up.

I've been using it since and I love it!
Not only do I use it to set my make up, I also use it to prime my face and refresh during the day or after the gym.

I bought the travel sized one but I so wish I could've bought the regular size however it is a good size for carrying around in the ol' make up bag.

I've been using it daily since October and it's nowhere near finished. I haven't broken out using it which usually happens with MAC products but I've been completely fine.

It sets my make up perfectly, I spray it with confidence after applying my full face of make up.
I absolutely love using it after the gym to refresh my skin and give my skin some moisture.
I only do my eyebrows when I go to the gym ( I need them!) so you can imagine I look a state so having the Fix + is so useful.

I have oily skin and it has definitely helped me out, I'd so recommend it.
I know MAC is a bit on the pricey side but £10 for the travel size and £15.50 for the regular is so worth it! I got it for £8.49 or around that at duty free and I'm so glad I bought it.
I will definitely repurchase, it's a great investment for my make up lovers!

What are your opinions, are you a Fix + fan?
I'd love to know!

Take care guys,
Jesslyn x

Friday, 6 February 2015

NEW IN | Glorified Bathrobe

Link (sold out)

Hey everyone,

Another piece to add to my A/W wardrobe or rail in my case!
I went on a hunt for a camel coat but I didn't want the bog standard camel coat that everyone and their mum's were wearing so when I stepped into Bershka and saw this amazing stone coloured coat, I snapped it up!

This amazing bathrobe-esque coat was reduced from £79.99 to a beautiful £25.99!
It's sold out online but I'm sure there may be a few sizes left in store.

I cannot wait to style it up, I love the length, the fabric, the fact that it has a hood, everything!

Keep a look out for an OOTD soon!

Take care guys,
Jesslyn x

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