Saturday, 31 January 2015

Review | Faith In Nature*

*samples gifted for a review, all views are my own.

Happy Weekend!

  I'm a sucker for good skincare products so when I given the opportunity to test out Faith In Nature's products, I jumped at the chance!

Faith In Nature is a brand that offers hypoallergenic skincare products which leaves the skin soft and supple. They are cruelty free, free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances.

I was sent the Coconut Hand Lotion (50ml) and the Lavender Body Lotion (150 ml) both of which are popular aromas among their ranges.
I'm someone that doesn't love overpowering smells so at first I was a bit apprehensive but when I pumped the hand lotion and rubbed it in, I was instantly hooked! The smell was perfect, it wasn't overbearing, it had that smell you'd want any hand lotion to have.

I only needed a coin sized amount for my hands to be fully moisturised and feeling soft.
It didn't leave any sticky residue which I was super pleased about because I hate when a moisturiser makes my hands sticky/rubbery and I can't touch my phone or my laptop keyboard.
My hands soak up moisture so quickly so I was happy to see that my hands were still moisturised after 2 hours or so before I went to inevitably wash my hands.

The body lotion was similar but the smell was a little stronger but still not overbearing.
To test it out, I used it on my arms mainly because I hate dry elbows and I wanted to see if it could last throughout the day.
Again, my skin soaks up moisture fast but I was surprised to see my arms relatively moisturised and not ashy by the end of the day even whilst wearing a jumper that usually does steal my moisture.

I am super pleased with both products, I will continue to use them and I have to recommend them to you all.
Faith in Nature offer so much, from hair care to home care, there is something for everyone.
All their products are super affordable and because there is such a wide range of products on there, you're bound to fall in love with something. I've currently got my eye on their Pineapple and Lime Pure Handmade Soap! Sounds yummy. . . I mean squeaky clean!

Definitely take a look at their site (link), I'm sure you won't regret it! Hope you guys liked this review and are having a great weekend!

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