Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Things

Armani Jeans Patent Tote | ASOS Faux Shearling Duffle Coat
Canon EOS 1200D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm + 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom Lens
Polo Neck Jumper | Gladiator Sandal Heels

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone's enjoying the start of 2015. I know some of you are like 'ugh!' cause today's Monday and you're back to work/uni/ school and others are like me, hitting the gym or umm, chilling on the sofa in their pj's (I don't judge!) because you still have a week of freedom.

I've been writing up my goals and resolutions and trying to write up a new blog schedule.
I'm in this weird state where I want to just change everything and refresh!

My wardrobe needs a revamp, my style's changing slightly and I think it's time for a huge clear out so I can buy new bits and bobs. Jackets are one of my weaknesses so it wouldn't hurt to buy a few for this crazy cold Winter. Also, handbags are a must, they're great for changing up an outfit.

I need more staple pieces in my wardrobe so I have more to mix and match with.
Grey and navy are becoming my new favourite colours to wear, I love how chic they look especially when you wear them throughout your whole outfit.
I want to try nude and khaki, maybe that's what my wardrobe needs!

Now, I've been going on and on about wanting a new camera, a DSLR to be exact so I had a look around and found the Canon EOS 1200D, I really, really want (and need) it.

When I said jackets were one of my weaknesses, shoes are my other weaknesses, trainers mainly. However, I haven't really fallen in love with any pairs recently and the pairs I have liked, there's been no way I can get my hands on them.
So when I can't get trainers, I get heels, there's nothing in between (except for boots in A/W!)
There are so many beautiful heels out there and they mostly look nice on other people however, I always seem to find something wrong about them. " There's too many toes showing", "I don't like the way that straps sits", "They look a bit dated, don't they?".
There's always something with me but I've fallen in love with these gladiator-esque heels, they're just amazing. You could wear them in so many ways!

As you guys can probably tell, I'm going to be broke by the end of January if I'm not careful. It's inevitable though at this time of the year, doesn't anyone else get like this?
I'm so excited for this year, I am planning my Summer away, my hairstyles, I'm more than excited haha

Hope everyone's been feeling good, thanks for reading lovelies,

Jesslyn x

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