Friday, 9 January 2015

New Hair | Brazilian Body Wave (Ali Luvin' Hair Review)

Hi everyone!

As you can see, I've changed my hair once again. I have a thing for planning what hairstyles I want to try out next. I have my hairstyles planned out for the whole year, I know, crazy!

This time for my change of hair, I really wanted to try out some new hair so went over to AliExpress (as you do) to find something.
I personally think that the easiest way to find good hair on AliExpress is to go by the amount of orders the seller has received and the feedback. Reading the feedback is vital, especially if you're new to buying on there.

So onto the process and review.
I'm someone that loves volume so I knew I didn't want straight hair so I went with something that had a bit more volume which was the Brazilian body wave.

I ordered the lengths 12, 14, 16 and 18 (inches) and a 10 inch free part closure. In total, I paid 75.99 for all the bundles. I let Jack (the seller) know that I needed the hair ASAP and he communicated so well throughout the whole process. Any questions I had, he answered them promptly.
I ordered the hair on a Wednesday and it came on the Monday before Christmas which I was super happy about because I really wanted my hair done for Christmas. 
As soon as the hair had arrived (delivered by a very beautiful UPS guy lol), I got straight on to making a wig. 
I sewed it on to a men's spandex dome cap just like you would do a sew in and then sewed on the closure last. Before I did any sewing, I measured out the size of the closure so there would be enough space for it after I sewed in all the bundles.

So it took me about an hour to sew everything in and then I proceeded to wash the hair, I shampooed it twice and then conditioned it. The curls came back so I was super happy to see that. I didn't wash the hair before I installed it because I didn't want the hair to tangle while it was wet when I was sewing.

I did the flip over method to help minimise shedding which has helped because  I've only had a few strands while brushing and when I wash it.

I was a bit apprehensive to use a lace closure because 1. I've never worn a wig before and 2. It could look so bad if you don't wear or install it right.
But I watched a few tutorials on YT and I soon got a hang of how to make a lace closure look natural.
I didn't bleach the knots because I didn't want to damage the closure so I just use concealer to help blend the closure with my scalp.

Overall, I love the hair and it's very good quality, there's minimal shedding and tangling even when I've washed it.
The closure blends so well with all the bundles, the only downside to the closure is a bit small for me and I wish it was slightly bigger.
All the bundles are true to length and even some being longer.
I definitely recommend this hair to you guys, I absolutely love it. I love it even more because I made the wig myself and it turned out great.
Jack was a great communicator and made the whole process stress-free especially around the Christmas period. 

If you're looking for good quality Brazilian, I really recommend Ali Luvin' Hair, they're affordable and so worth it.
Look forward to rocking my body wave some more haha

Hope you guys liked my review on this hair, people always ask what I wear on my head when I do my new hair posts so I thought I'd review the hair for you all.

Thanks for reading!


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