Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best of FashionSquash 2015

2015 is literally over!
Spending the last day of the year with family like every year, who better to go into the new year with?
FashionSquash has definitely glowed up this year and I must say I'm super proud to be the owner. I've worked so hard on creating better content, it has been a rocky year but I've come out alright, I guess!
There's so much more to come in 2016 but I'd rather just show you guys instead of telling you what I'm going to do, much more exciting.
I love how much support I've received this year, whether it be from my readers, brands, likers on IG and just anyone in general that has wanted to see me progress.

Below is a lowdown on how FashionSquash went in 2015, I love doing posts like this cause you really get to go back and see what you've done over 365 days.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the content I've produced and look forward to bigger and better.

Thanks to everyone for so much love! 2016, we're coming!

And for the last time in 2015, take care,




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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OOTD | All Furry

A quick one!
Yes, legs are out in Winter, I'm telling you guys, this ain't Winter!
I've never seen Winter look so good in the UK. Well, I'm not complaining, nice weather = happy Jesslyn!
My outfit looks pretty winter-y though, doesn't it? This fur gilet has been giving me life, I'm sure I've worn it in nearly every OOTD recently. It's just so easy to throw on and it looks great with everything.
Knit dresses are everything too! Easy to wear, just a jacket and shoes and you're good to go.
What I do want though, is a pair of knee high boots, I'm 5ft3 so the struggle is real, I need a pair that won't swallow my legs up. I tried on a pair in Bershka and they literally went half way up my thigh!
Womp, not good.
If you're within my height region, let me know if you've found a good pair!

Anyway,the year's nearly out, I'm hoping everyone's enjoying their xmas break, I sure am, needed a break from uni so bad. Got tons of work to do though *sigh* but I'll enjoy the new year first and then bam, back to work!

I'm wearing

MATALAN Jumper Knit Dress
JD SPORTS Nike Air Max 90

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Our Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted. What a strange one it was for us.
First time in years, we left the house on Christmas day to celebrate. We spent the day with relatives, it was so calm but crazy at the same time (you know how family gatherings are!)
I wore my midi tulle skirt with a crop jumper and Bershka leather jacket, I didn't get to take proper pictures of my OOTD because it was dark by the time we had left and then we got consumed into the festivities. However, do let me know if you want me to wear the outfit again in the near future?!

So, today (day after Boxing Day), we decided to have a mini Christmas dinner, just us as a family.
Mum said I get to pick the restaurant (we usually go for buffets) so I went for a Korean BBQ because I'd been wanting to try one for ages and thought it would be a great experience for all of us.
I chose Yijo in Bethnal Green, I'd never been to one before so had nothing to compare against.

Must say, it was an experience, I know there's Korean BBQ's where a chef does the BBQ-ing for you but at Yijo, we had to do it ourselves. There's a charcoal grill set on the table and you get to cooking, it's literally that simple!

If you haven't tried a Korean BBQ, definitely do, it's so different to your average restaurant.
If you don't like cooking, I suggest one that has the chef cooking for you.
That's my next mission, find an amazing Korean BBQ  where the chef cooks for you (heard it's amazing to watch!)

So that was our Christmas, pretty relaxed, we still need to some sale shopping so that's on the to-do list.
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and got to spend time with their families and eat loads!

I'm wearing

BOOHOO Waterfall Jacket
PRIMARK Cobalt Court Heels

Take care,

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Comfy Christmas Nails

Merry Christmas Eve guys!

I'm spending my Christmas differently this year, not very festive but it can't be helped. Moving house is a blessing for everyone but at Christmas, it's so hectic.
I actually spent my Christmas Eve in bed and then in the nail shop, it was ridiculously packed, I thought it would be empty and that everyone would be in their houses with their families.
I was so wrong.
Everyone wanted their nails did, I was actually going to leave doing my nails because I didn't see the point if  'Christmas was cancelled' but I ended up going anyway.

Well, when I finally got round to doing my nails, I changed my mind when it came to painting them, I wasn't feeling the festive designs I had planned to get done.
So I stuck to the nude which seemed comfortable for me regardless of Christmas.

Even though the house is upside down, having my family around makes it so much easier.
I'm sure we can make our Christmas day somewhat festive haha

Hope everyone's having a great Eve and is excited for tomorrow!
Take care,


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

OOTD | Tracksuit Vibes

Christmas is coming!

Unfortunately, Christmas is cancelled in my house (I know, Christmas is never cancelled blah blah!)
We're currently in the process of moving house so everything is upside down, so that means no Christmas tree. 
No tree, no gifts right?
It's crazy because we've always stuck to the tradition of staying home for Christmas but that looks impossible. 
We're a big family, so no matter what, we always find a way of enjoying each other's company.
The positive side is, that we're blessed enough to be entering into the new year in a spangly, new house.

The moral of the post is, I've been living in tracksuits!
Half of my wardrobe is in the new house, shoes and everything so tracksuits have been the new swag.
Don't get me wrong, I've been loving how comfortable I am, I'm all for comfort.

I've been loving this tracksuit mainly because it's fur lined. I hate wearing layers underneath a tracksuit because you start look very teddy bear-esque so being able to put on a vest top and then throw the hoodie on is great.

Plus, new Air Max's are making their first appearance in an OOTD, must say, I've been wearing them non-stop!

I'm wearing:

PRIMARK Fur Lined Tracksuit
JD SPORTS Air Max 90
NEW LOOK Faux Fur Headband
THE WATCH HUT Casio Watch*

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Craving for Change

It's always this time of the year that you crave change and usually quite drastic ones.
Everyone wants to go into the new year feeling refreshed, new and why not? 

I recently had a look at pictures where I had my hair way shorter and instantly wanted to go short again. Not for now but for the new year haha
So strange that you can actually think like this!

I loved my hair short, it was so different for me, I felt all brand new. 
Whilst in the process of moving house for Christmas/New Year (I know, crazy!), it's inevitable for me to feel like wanting to start afresh.

I'm always nervous about change but there's a thrill I get from it, whether it's starting uni or just completely changing my hairstyle. 
Some people hate change but change is good sometimes and it's so refreshing, especially around this time of the year.

Just some random thoughts, I don't know what you guys think!

Do you like like change or crave a different atmosphere and environment?
Or is it just this time of the year?
I'd love to know!

Take care, 
Jess x

Friday, 18 December 2015

OOTD | Khaki X Glorified Bathrobe

I've been longing to shoot this outfit for you guys!
Everyone loved the khaki dress I featured in a recent 'new in' on the blog and I'm just now getting round to shooting an outfit.

You guys know me, I am queen of smart-casual, in my eyes, trainers go with everything!

I love how easy this dress is to wear, can be dressed up or down, it's pretty short so going without tights, might be more of a Spring thing.
I'm only 5ft3 so you can imagine how short it would be on the average person!

Keeping with the tones, I threw my favourite winter coat on and voila!
I swear guys, this coat is the best, it's basically a glorified bathrobe haha but I'm telling you, you literally only need to wear a layer and bob's your uncle.
I love how it's not your standard 'camel coat' or 'parka'!

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Knitted Dress
NEW LOOK Faux Fur Headband
PRIMARK Weekender Bag
JD SPORTS Puma Suedes
THE WATCH HUT Casio Watch*

Take care,

Friday, 11 December 2015

NEW IN | Black Friday Purchases

Black Friday has long gone and in the space of 3 weeks, uni absolutely took over my life.
Don't get me wrong, I was waiting for a package that only came yesterday so I guess that was delaying the whole haul in general.
Nevertheless, my bits arrived and I'm finally free from uni deadlines so I'm back to blogging regularly.

Black Friday is everyone's incentive to shop and I guess that's when the real Christmas shopping starts.

First off, I stocked up on skincare bits.
My Derma Center was offering 40% off La Roche Posay, so it was a great opportunity to get my hands on some stuff.
I originally ordered the 3 - Step Anti Blemish System and then they kindly sent me a bunch of samples which I was super happy about. I love me some LRP!

Next are these cute gloves I got from New Look. I spotted them ages ago but never purchased them for reasons I cannot remember. However when BF came around, it came back to mind. They were £2.99 which I know was a reduction from around £8. So great bargain and worth the accidental wait, I guess haha!

I popped into Cass Art and saw that they were doing half price on Promarkers.
Umm, hell yeah!
Promarkers are so expensive and more than half price off is a massive deal!

Lastly are some bits from Superdrug, there wasn't really sales going on, on anything I wanted.
So I picked up some bits I wanted to repurchase, the Superdrug Hand and Nail Hand Cream and the Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent, both great products that I refuse to stop repurchasing.

I also picked up some new bits from Make Up Revolution, a matte liquid lipstick, Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Velvet Black Heart, which I absolutely love so far and have got a handful of compliments from wearing it the other day. Review coming soon!
Plus, an atomic lipstick, in Make It Right, love how dark it is, haven't tried it yet but soon will.

So that was my mini purchase list, mostly repurchases but getting a deal is always great, especially on essentials like skincare.

I know I've been MIA for a bit so do let me know how you're all getting on and if there's an Christmas related posts you'd like to see!

Thanks for reading and stay tunes guys,

Friday, 4 December 2015

OOTD | Neutrals

Quick OOTD for you guys!

I've been loving this Bershka leather jacket, it's just so beautiful. Love the simplicity plus the detail and hardware, it just ties in all together so well.

I'm all for wearing casual clothing and throwing on a jacket or pair of shoes to jazz it up a bit.
I'm pretty lazy so this is an easy way of adding "effort" to the outfit!

It's obviously Winter now so adding those extra layers is essential, whether it be a fur gilet or a nice, big scarf.

These ankle grazers are probably my favourite jeans right now, how ever cold it gets, I don't think I'll be giving these up until Summer. 
There's an awkwardly placed rip by the front right pocket and I always seem to find my hand in there, I'm telling you,  people must think, what the hell? Lol 
But anyway, they're from Primark and they fit great and not to mention, super comfortable. If you're a fan of ripped jeans, definitely try and get your mitts on them!

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Ripped Ankle Grazers
Bershka Leather Jacket (alternative)
SELECT Loafers (alternative)
CASIO Watch via The Watch Hut

Thanks for reading guys,

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Day In The Life Of A Fashion Student #2

If you missed the first segment of my fashion student life, definitely check it out as no day is ever the same!

This post is slightly different to the first one.
As someone wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry, I also embark on my own things to do other than studying Fashion Design. My blog is one venture but I also love styling, photography etc.

I recently got the opportunity to be an assistant/stylist on a photoshoot for a website launching soon.
I can't say too much about the website or company until the launch so I'll just give you a low down on the day.

The day started off early with the shoot starting at 10am.
I had to do a Tesco run to get some bits for the team to eat which ending up in me buying a lot so I had to get a cab to the location. The struggle was so real!

I arrived at the studio, THRDSSTUDIO, it is a great studio, the likes of  Lethal Bizzle, ODF Clothing and Kendrick Lamar have used this studio and I can see why! I'll definitely keep this studio in mind , if and when I want to do any shoots in the future.
But anyway, the make up artist had already started doing a base on one of the models and the photographer was setting up her bits.
Unfortunately, the lady with all the clothing, shoes and accessories hadn't arrived yet so we were all in limbo. When she finally did arrived, I got cracking with the steaming and hanging up the clothes and laying out the shoes, ready to be styled.

We started off with campaign/lookbook outfits and it took us ages, changing outfits, changing make up, it was a lot.
The models worked so well together during the campaign shoot, it was amazing to see the chemistry and how easy it was for them to just pose together.

After hours of shooting the campaign, it was around 4pm at this point, it was time to take product shoots for each item. Front. Side. Back. For each garment.
It was so long winded but it had to be done!

We finished shooting around 9pm and I was exhausted.
Sitting down for only 5mins throughout the whole day was a killer, I've never been on set of a photoshoot like this before.

It was such a great experience, widening my styling knowledge is something I definitely want to do along with fashion design.
I'm so glad I got the opportunity to get a taste of what's it like, I'd love to more photoshoots where I'm taking a back seat instead of being the designer all the time. It was very different to be on the stylist end of things.
It's great to get a feel of different sectors!

So that was my day guys, I always enjoy what I do even when I complain about how tiring it is.
Getting experience in the fashion industry is a must for any young person trying to get out there, I suggest you get experience in any sector to build your portfolio!

Models IG:
@kcdoll 1, @itsyvonne_c, @eva_smite

Photographer IG:

Make Up Artist IG:

Stylist IG:

Studio IG:

Hope you enjoyed reading guys, take care!

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