Sunday, 21 December 2014

New Hair

Hey guys, 

I'm back to blogging and I thought I'd kick start my return with a hair update!

I've become someone that loves to change their hair and experiment with different styles often and with the help of weave I can do all that experimenting without damaging my natural hair.

For this wild hairstyle, I decided to do the crochet braid technique, there's many tutorials on Youtube if want to try it out. I used marley hair and did a blonde colour in back and mixed black and brown throughout the whole head, also with a few blonde highlights.
Definitely check out my IG (@jesslynrobert) because I've posted a few pictures with this hairstyle.

I'm not going to lie, when I first did my hair, it was huge, as I brushed it out, it got bigger and bigger but after about a week, the hair started to thin out because of the excessive brushing. I used three packets so I should've expected it to be big.

I've loved this hairstyle so far, I've had so many compliments from people I know and strangers on the street. Several of my uni teachers asked if it was my real hair, even people I knew were asking if it was. I honestly couldn't take them seriously haha

What do you guys think of this hair? You like? 
I'm going to be changing my hair very soon so make sure you stay tuned for my next hair update, it's going to be excited, especially for weave-lovers!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're preparing for the festive season,

Jesslyn xo


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