Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hey everyone!

Yes, you read the title right, I'm officially back to blogging.
I took a well deserved and needed break, I actually took a longer break than I expected to, every time I thought about coming back onto the blog scene, I just felt I wasn't ready and didn't have the time to put up good content.
So instead of throwing out rushed content that I didn't really put any heart and thought into, I just carried on with my break.

Uni has been a ride and a half, the workload is ridiculous, I'm doing 4 different modules at the moment so my brain's all over the place. However, in the next 3-4 months, I will be free!
I've already started planning what I want to do during my 6 month 'Summer' break, I'm excited but I have to get all this work done first.

I've explored quite a bit during my time at uni so far, I've become a London Underground girl, I used to absolutely hate trains but I'm learning to like them. I just hate the idea of being trapped underground with over 100 strangers.
I've found some amazing fabric stores lately, thanks to Uni, I've found great places to get fabric for future projects.

Also, you guys wouldn't believe that I've become a gym rat! I love the gym at the moment, I joined my uni one and I love the atmosphere there. I've been working on my core strength, toning my arms, back, butt and legs.
I've never really been a fitness person but I'm enjoying it and don't see myself giving up on it any time soon, I'm seeing results and liking it!

Lastly, I just wanted to let you guys know of my blogging schedule, I will start off nice and easy to help me ease myself back in. So there will be a post up every 2 days so that's 3-4 posts a week.
A post should be up every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hope everyone's looking forward to the FashionSquash comeback, I know I'm excited to be back!
Have a great end to the weekend and a great start to the week.

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn x

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