Sunday, 19 October 2014

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Cropped Muscle Tee £2 | Muscle Tee £3 | Printed T-shirt £3  | Ribbed Vest Top £2.50 | Cardigan £10 Backpack £5  | Hand Towel £3.80


Muscle Tee £3.99


Beauty Base
LA Colours

Sharpener 99p | Nail Lacquer in Mauve Glaze 99p
Lipstick 99p | Lip Gloss 99p


Make Up Revolution Blusher £1 | MUA Blusher £1

Sports Direct

Sports Bra | Crop Top | Trainers


Sunglasses £1 | Earrings (set of 6) £1.50 | Cosmetic Pads £1 | Hand Warmer £1 | Face Cloths £1.50  Cotton Socks £2.50

Hey everyone,

It feels like ages since I last blogged so I thought I'd come back with a haul for you guys!

I've been shopping non-stop, I really don't know why, it just feels like the season to shop.
I'm actually going on a spending ban for the month of November but I'll update you guys on my plans nearer the time.

There's so much out there that's catching my eye so yes, I can't stop shopping and you guys get to see the evidence of my addiction!

I think I'll start of with Primark because that's where I got most of my bits and bobs!
I've been a ridiculous amount of muscle tees, I've joined a new gym and I'm obsessed with muscle tees as my gym wear so I've gone ahead and bought a few. I also bought one from H&M because how basic it looked.
Primark have quite a few on sale so I made it my mission to buy most of them.

I also bought a new towel and face cloths for the gym, I wouldn't want to use ones from home so I bought new ones just to keep inside my gym bag.
Speaking of gym bag, there were backpacks on sale in Primark so I managed to bag (no pun intended) this one for £5!

I bought a few miscellaneous bits too!
I needed some new earrings that I could just throw on so I bought a six pack of three different metals so I can chop and change on a daily basis.
I also bought a hand warmer which was quite cute and I picked it up whilst I was in the queue, I thought it was interesting idea so I'll putting it to the test this A/W.
I broke my sunglasses whilst in Berlin so I picked up a new pair and and some new socks to wear for the gym.

Now for eBay, I ordered some things for uni. I really needed Promarkers to design with (check out my design IG) so I went ahead and spent a little money on them.
I always bought a pair of snips to add to my sewing tools and some photo mount spray!

For beauty, I went to Beauty Base to pick up some LA Colors products, I love LA Colors so I definitely needed a few bits when I went to Westfield.
I also picked up two blushers, one from MUA and the other from Make Up Revolution, they're both a coral shade, I'm really loving coral blushers at the moment so it was great that I could pick these ones up for £1!

Lastly are gym bits, I was browsing on Sports Direct because I needed some trainers (yes, another pair!) and some sports bra so I eventually found some and I'm in love with them!
I went for grey as my main colour as I wanted a neutral that I could mix and match and didn't really want to go for black.
I definitely want to buy the sports bras and crop tops in opposite colours because I love the way they fit and I want more to have so I can switch it up!

So that's my collective haul for you guys, I'm pretty sure there's more stuff I've missed out and you guys can be sure you'll see another haul before my November spending ban.

Thanks for reading and I hope I've inspired you to shop (unless you're trying not to!) haha
Hope you're all good,

Jesslyn x

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  1. love the bag! love tops too

    1. Thank you, I have a shopping problem though haha!


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