Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Lust List 2014

Valentina Lace Up Tassel Heeled Sandals Missguided | 3 Drawer Mini Plastic Storage Unit eBay
Lonsdale Barrel Bag Sports Direct | Coat By Rare Topshop | Tinted Lipglass MAC

Hello everyone!

I'm welcoming October with open arms.
I'm super excited for A/W, I always am but this year, I'm more than excited.
It's come around so quickly that I haven't even had the chance to go out and shop for some A/W bits and pieces.

It's the start of the month so my monthly lust list is a must, there's been quite a few things I had my eyes on during September. 

I've been going on and on about buying a new jacket/coat but I can't actually buy one unless I've bought two with hoods. I hardly have jackets with hoods so I made it my mission to buy at least two this Autumn.
But hey ho, a jacket without a hood has made it into my monthly lust list.
It's a wool and fleece biker style coat and it just looks amazing, doesn't it?

I'm looking to join the gym this month (or next month!) so I need a gym bag and other gym things like trainers and nice kit so I found this purple and grey one that looks like a good size, now I need things to fill it up haha

I always have a pair of shoes on my lust list, whether it's a pair of heels or a pair of trainers.
I've wanted a pair of lace up heeled sandals for the longest time and I've found the perrrffect pair on Missguided. They look summery but autumnal at the same time, I'd style it with a pair of jeans, a cami and white blazer. Are you seeing the vision?

Next on my list is a 4 drawer storage uni, I wanted one to put on my table for my promarkers, fineliners and pencils etc. I've accumulated so much stuff in the past week because of uni so I need something to help me keep it tidy.

Lastly, is the only make up thing I've had my eye on. A MAC lipgloss or lipglass in MAC's case.
I need a new nude lipgloss and I think I might pick this up at duty-free on my way to Berlin!

So that's my September Lust List, I'd love to know what you're all lusting over!
Happy October everyone!

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