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Make Up Revolution Blusher - Treat | Review

Make Up Revolution Blusher Treat

Hi guys,

As this post goes up, I'm actually jetting off to Berlin for Berlin Alternative Fashion Week which is exciting. I'm going as Jylle Navarro's intern and blogger so I'll definitely update you all when I'm back in a few days.

I've got a review for you guys today, Make Up Revolution is one of newer brands hitting the stores.
I'd say they're MUA's sister, their prices are about the same, their packaging is similar and I think their concept in general, is very similar.

I've picked up a few things from the Superdrug stand which, as far I know, is the only place they stock other than their website.

Today, I'm reviewing their blusher, Treat. 
It's a coral shade and has a slight sheen to it, when I first bought it, I thought it would make me look a bit ashy and grey but when I actually wore it, it made me look flushed and rosy.

It's very pigmented which is super because you only need to use a small amount.
I use a small powder brush to apply it and there isn't any fall out which makes me so happy because I absolutely detest fall out.

Being someone that has oily skin, it lasts quite long and don't slide after a couple of hours.
I usually powder my face and then reapply the blusher.
It hasn't made me break out and it's not heavy or cakey, even after reapplying, it doesn't build up horribly.

In terms of packaging, it's pretty similar to the MUA mono eyeshadow packaging. It's just your standard packaging, nothing to amazing.

Overall, I'd say it's a really good blusher, it is only £1 so it's totally worth it.Even if you just buy to try, it's not a huge fork-out, it's also good for those trying to build a collection.
I'd really recommend it!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!

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