Thursday, 16 October 2014

Berlin | Day 2

*beware, this post is picture heavy!

Hi guys!

This part/day 2 of my Berlin trip. If you want to see Day 1 or Jylle Navarro's show, just click away!

The second of my trip was a tourist day, me and my mum went to as many places as we could. I think we managed to go to seven different towns and we saw so much!

We woke up and headed straight to breakfast, breakfast was pretty plain but we didn't mind because we were only there for two days. We took it back to our room so we could get ready at the same time,.
The picture with my mum struggling with her handbag is a prime example of why you don't buy mums designer bags haha

The first place we headed to was Bernaur Straße to see the Berlin Mauer (Berlin Wall), it was so cool to see it real life as opposed to pictures. We also told that the wall only ran through Berlin so there was an east side and west side and then the whole of Germany was split. The east side of Berlin behaved life the east side of Germany and vice versa.

The second place we went to was Alexanderplatz, I loved it there. There was a market, some people were selling food, some were selling fur clothing (which was a bit freaky), there was also shops.
It wouldn't be right as a blogger if I didn't spot a Primark in another country!

After Alexanderplarz where I broke my sunglasses (I was soooo upset!) we we headed to Stadmitte and Friedenstraße which seemed to be the more posher towns.
There we so many catherdrals and galleries, they were so beautiful!

Next stop was Yorkstrasse which was actually an accident we didn't explore this town mainly because we were in the middle of nowhere as we looked left and right, it's like we waited for tumbleweed to roll past. We ran back to the train platform to get back to Bradenburg.

Bradenburg Tor. is where the amazing Bradenburg gate was. It was massive and it was so great that we bumped into a festival happening. People were dressed up in traditional German outfits, there were concerts, food, drinks, all sorts!

After a long day, we headed back to the hotel and chilled for an hour or so and then got up headed to Viktoriapark, it was pitch black by the time we got there but it was worth going to see it.

On our way back we picked up some pizza, a pepperoni one and a vegetable one. Surprisingly, the vegetable one was really nice after I begged my mum not to get it.

The morning of our flight, we had an early breakfast (before they'd even opened up, thankfully they let us!) sat in the lounge for a bit and then we went to the station to do one last train ticket validation!

So that was my time in Berlin, there was and is so much to see.
I plan to go back, probably with my sister next time, I loved it there even though I was only there for a few days.

Hope you guys enjoyed my Berlin series, hopefully there will be more travels to come in the near future!

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  1. Looks like you're having so much fun! beautiful photography

    1. thanks, I really did have so much fun, saw so much in such a short space of time xx

  2. I really want to go to Berlin! I do German as a GCSE x

    Sophie x

    1. You so should! I'm looking to go again next year with my sister! x


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