Sunday, 12 October 2014

Berlin | Day 1

Hi guys,

l had a great opportunity to travel to Berlin as an intern for Jylle Navarro.
She showcased her new collection at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Check out my previous Berlin post to see pictures from the show.

Obviously, when you go abroad you have to put on your tourist hat and explore your surroundings, even if you're only there for a couple of days.

I went with my mum so we made it our mission to see as much as we could before we had to leave.
However, after a night of no sleep when we got to our accommodation, we went straight to sleep and didn't wake up until we had to get ready for the fashion show.

We arrived in Berlin at 9am and we had to travel by bus to Rudow to then catch a train to Mehringdamm. 
We stayed in a hostel because it was convenient and we were only there for two days.
We stayed at the Metropol Hostel which is directly opposite Mehringdamm station.
My mum and I were so happy that it was super easy to locate because we were exhausted!

It was pretty decent for a hostel, I didn't expect expect it to be as nice as it was.
We had two single beds and an ensuite bathroom which was sweeet. I would've hated to share a bathroom with anyone other than my mum.

So after sleeping for 5 hours, we got up and started getting ready to head to show.
I decided to wear:
Jylle Navarro Laddered Knit Vest | Primark High Waisted Jeans | LOVE Kimono | eBay Bag | Topshop Shoes

When we were finally ready we got back on a train to Checkpoint Charlie (can't remember the German name) and we walked from the station to the venue, we saw so much on the way there.
Berlin is full of so much history so whatever town you're in, you're bound to discover some history (and spot a McD's.)

The BAFW venue was amazing, I loved the outside of the building. Show started at 8pm and we were on our way home by 11pm.

Me and my mum were looking for somewhere to eat at quarter to midnight and there was a long queue outside the hostel for kebab!
We joined the queue because it had to be good if that many people were queuing for it at midnight.
I'm so glad we waited an hour, yes an hour, because the kebab was so good. 
It was so good that I forgot to take a picture before I ate it!

We tried to stay up and watch a movie but by the time the movie got started, we both fell asleep haha!

So that was my first day in Berlin, stay tuned for day 2!

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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  1. don't you loo so chic! i love the jacket and beautiful views too.

    1. haha aww thank you darlin'! I tried my best to capture Berlin is such a short space of time! x


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