Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blogging Break?

Hello everyone!

As you guys can tell from the title, I've decided that I should take a blogging break.
I've actually forced myself to, I didn't want to but my heart told me I should.

For the past week, I haven't really loved blogging as much as I used to mainly because I feel like I have to post.
Since I've come back from Berlin, there's been this pressure to put up posts. The posts I put up weren't consistent, I firmly believe in good content so I didn't consistently post.
It's got to that point where consistency is non-existent so it's better if I take a break.

I've never really taken a proper break from blogging and personally, I think I deserve one.
I've just started uni and it's taking over my life, I have no time for myself and the pressure to blog is stressing me out.

I don't want to ramble too much because I hate to dwell on a negative. 
I'll be back in the next two weeks and there may be a few posts dotted here and there within my break but I'm not making any promises.

Hopefully, I'll be back all refreshed and bursting with ideas.
I hope you guys can understand where I'm coming from and bear with me for the next two weeks.

Thanks for supporting me and feel free to read my recent hauls, reviews and OOTD's!

Jesslyn xxx

Monday, 20 October 2014

OOTD | Ribbed Crop Top

Ribbed Crop Top (made by me) | Jeans Primark
Jacket Primark | Bag eBay | Scarf  (fabric sourced by me) 
Jelly Loafers eBay | Casio Watch The Watch Hut*

Photography: Benedicte (follow her IG!)

Hey guys,

It's been ages since I've posted an OOTD, going to Berlin messed up my routine and then I was thrown straight back into the uni life so I haven't really had time to focus on my outfits.
However, I do post bits and bobs on Instagram so make sure you follow me on there or my design account if you're more interested in my design life!

This outfit is my favourite A/W outfit yet! I went ahead and put my design and sewing skills to the test and made this ribbed crop top.
I went fabric shopping for uni and fell in love with this ribbed cotton and I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. . . a crop top!

I made it in under 2 hours and couldn't wait to wear it the next day.

I styled it with a pair of high waisted jeans, my boyfriend coat and a pair of jelly loafers that I'd recently bought.

Now, my scarf.
Whilst on my fabric hunt, I found this amazing Burberry-esque wool and I couldn't leave it behind!
So I bought a metre and voila, I had myself a new scarf. I didn't bother cutting it because I liked how blanket-like it was.
I love how neutral it is, making it easy to wear it with anything, you'll be seeing much more it!

As you guys read, I'm actually making some more ribbed crop tops in different colours so you guys definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. I have quite a few outfits planned for A/W so I might do a lookbook soon but for now enjoy the OOTD's on here and IG!

So that's it for now, hope you're all well and having a great start to the week.
Thanks for reading,


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

NEW IN | Collective Haul



Cropped Muscle Tee £2 | Muscle Tee £3 | Printed T-shirt £3  | Ribbed Vest Top £2.50 | Cardigan £10 Backpack £5  | Hand Towel £3.80


Muscle Tee £3.99


Beauty Base
LA Colours

Sharpener 99p | Nail Lacquer in Mauve Glaze 99p
Lipstick 99p | Lip Gloss 99p


Make Up Revolution Blusher £1 | MUA Blusher £1

Sports Direct

Sports Bra | Crop Top | Trainers


Sunglasses £1 | Earrings (set of 6) £1.50 | Cosmetic Pads £1 | Hand Warmer £1 | Face Cloths £1.50  Cotton Socks £2.50

Hey everyone,

It feels like ages since I last blogged so I thought I'd come back with a haul for you guys!

I've been shopping non-stop, I really don't know why, it just feels like the season to shop.
I'm actually going on a spending ban for the month of November but I'll update you guys on my plans nearer the time.

There's so much out there that's catching my eye so yes, I can't stop shopping and you guys get to see the evidence of my addiction!

I think I'll start of with Primark because that's where I got most of my bits and bobs!
I've been a ridiculous amount of muscle tees, I've joined a new gym and I'm obsessed with muscle tees as my gym wear so I've gone ahead and bought a few. I also bought one from H&M because how basic it looked.
Primark have quite a few on sale so I made it my mission to buy most of them.

I also bought a new towel and face cloths for the gym, I wouldn't want to use ones from home so I bought new ones just to keep inside my gym bag.
Speaking of gym bag, there were backpacks on sale in Primark so I managed to bag (no pun intended) this one for £5!

I bought a few miscellaneous bits too!
I needed some new earrings that I could just throw on so I bought a six pack of three different metals so I can chop and change on a daily basis.
I also bought a hand warmer which was quite cute and I picked it up whilst I was in the queue, I thought it was interesting idea so I'll putting it to the test this A/W.
I broke my sunglasses whilst in Berlin so I picked up a new pair and and some new socks to wear for the gym.

Now for eBay, I ordered some things for uni. I really needed Promarkers to design with (check out my design IG) so I went ahead and spent a little money on them.
I always bought a pair of snips to add to my sewing tools and some photo mount spray!

For beauty, I went to Beauty Base to pick up some LA Colors products, I love LA Colors so I definitely needed a few bits when I went to Westfield.
I also picked up two blushers, one from MUA and the other from Make Up Revolution, they're both a coral shade, I'm really loving coral blushers at the moment so it was great that I could pick these ones up for £1!

Lastly are gym bits, I was browsing on Sports Direct because I needed some trainers (yes, another pair!) and some sports bra so I eventually found some and I'm in love with them!
I went for grey as my main colour as I wanted a neutral that I could mix and match and didn't really want to go for black.
I definitely want to buy the sports bras and crop tops in opposite colours because I love the way they fit and I want more to have so I can switch it up!

So that's my collective haul for you guys, I'm pretty sure there's more stuff I've missed out and you guys can be sure you'll see another haul before my November spending ban.

Thanks for reading and I hope I've inspired you to shop (unless you're trying not to!) haha
Hope you're all good,

Jesslyn x

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Berlin | Day 2

*beware, this post is picture heavy!

Hi guys!

This part/day 2 of my Berlin trip. If you want to see Day 1 or Jylle Navarro's show, just click away!

The second of my trip was a tourist day, me and my mum went to as many places as we could. I think we managed to go to seven different towns and we saw so much!

We woke up and headed straight to breakfast, breakfast was pretty plain but we didn't mind because we were only there for two days. We took it back to our room so we could get ready at the same time,.
The picture with my mum struggling with her handbag is a prime example of why you don't buy mums designer bags haha

The first place we headed to was Bernaur Straße to see the Berlin Mauer (Berlin Wall), it was so cool to see it real life as opposed to pictures. We also told that the wall only ran through Berlin so there was an east side and west side and then the whole of Germany was split. The east side of Berlin behaved life the east side of Germany and vice versa.

The second place we went to was Alexanderplatz, I loved it there. There was a market, some people were selling food, some were selling fur clothing (which was a bit freaky), there was also shops.
It wouldn't be right as a blogger if I didn't spot a Primark in another country!

After Alexanderplarz where I broke my sunglasses (I was soooo upset!) we we headed to Stadmitte and Friedenstraße which seemed to be the more posher towns.
There we so many catherdrals and galleries, they were so beautiful!

Next stop was Yorkstrasse which was actually an accident we didn't explore this town mainly because we were in the middle of nowhere as we looked left and right, it's like we waited for tumbleweed to roll past. We ran back to the train platform to get back to Bradenburg.

Bradenburg Tor. is where the amazing Bradenburg gate was. It was massive and it was so great that we bumped into a festival happening. People were dressed up in traditional German outfits, there were concerts, food, drinks, all sorts!

After a long day, we headed back to the hotel and chilled for an hour or so and then got up headed to Viktoriapark, it was pitch black by the time we got there but it was worth going to see it.

On our way back we picked up some pizza, a pepperoni one and a vegetable one. Surprisingly, the vegetable one was really nice after I begged my mum not to get it.

The morning of our flight, we had an early breakfast (before they'd even opened up, thankfully they let us!) sat in the lounge for a bit and then we went to the station to do one last train ticket validation!

So that was my time in Berlin, there was and is so much to see.
I plan to go back, probably with my sister next time, I loved it there even though I was only there for a few days.

Hope you guys enjoyed my Berlin series, hopefully there will be more travels to come in the near future!

Thanks for reading,

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