Monday, 29 September 2014

NEW IN | Fashion Student Equipment

Wilko | Ballpoint Pens | A4 Ringbinder | Mechanical Pencils
Tesco | Stainless Steel 30cm Ruler

Hey everyone,

I started uni last week and I must say I'm really enjoying myself so far. 
l now know I definitely made the right choice when choosing a uni to go to, I've met some nice people on and off my course, I'm really looking foward to the future (l say that now!)

But anyways, I will be studying Fashion Design so buying equipment was a must.

I bought what l thought I needed and then did a little Google search to see if there was any other things l needed.
l actually ordered a few other bits yesterday which I will show you all in another haul.

You guys know l love eBay so I searched for most things on there and the other things l didn't feel were worth the online shopping wait.

I've linked all the things l bought from eBay so if you are in my position, you can just head over there and you can find them for really great prices.

Studying fashion is not cheap so Wilko was a must.
They always have stationery bits for good prices so I picked up a few things such as a ringbinder, some pens and mechanical pencils that l was forced to buy.

I didn't need to buy too much because I had most things from my years at college.

I do have a few things on the way so I'll definitely show you guys.

Hope you all are starting off a great week and thanks for reading!


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