Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet? | feat. Black Tied

Hi guys,

Were you that child that could never find your name on key rings or pencils or fridge magnets? I was!
Having the name Jesslyn meant I was always going to see the names Jess, Jessie, Jessica and then, if they were generous with choice, Joycelyn.
I remember wishing for a stamp guy that would stand by the personalised goodies and wait for you to pick up something to have your name stamped on.  
I bet those feeling the pain with me right now,  wished that too!

In my last post (my monthly lust list), I mentioned that I was in contact with Laura from Black Tied. She offered me a discount code to use.

Black Tied is an independent jewellery based in Ireland, they create jewellery for those looking for unique and edgy bits to add to their collection. All their pieces are handmade and are customisable, you can get the length or metal changed just buy sending over an email! 
They also source pieces that stick within their aesthetic which is also super cool.

It actually took me ages to find something that I really wanted (I'm picky with jewellery!) 
And then one day, I saw it, The Personalised Silver Cuff Bracelet, I purchased it right away!
 It's 12.99 which is pretty good for something personalised.
Laura was there the whole time (virtually, obvi!) answering all my questions I had about checking out and leaving a note etc.
She told me that my package should be with me soon and she was right. 
It came in five days including the weekend, which is super fast!

I was so excited to open it up, it felt like Christmas, when I opened it, I couldn't stop staring at something with my name on haha
I showed it to my mum and she said "they spelt your name wrong!", my heart dropped, I looked at the bracelet and figured out she was lying, I should have known!

I love it,  there's a few other bits on my wishlist! Their pieces would be great gifts,  they're so unique and personal. With the cuff bracelets, they can be gently moulded to fit comfortably which is really good because I have tiny wrists.
If you are looking for unique jewellery at great prices, definitely head over to the site, I'm sure you'll find something you love. 
It wouldn't be right if didn't tell you guys that she also wanted my readers to have a discount code to use too!
All you have to do is enter 'SQUASH15' for 15% off your order, it expires in 30 days so make good use of it!

Thanks again Laura for my amazing cuff bracelet,  I can't wait to style it up!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post,  make sure you show Black Tied some love and follow their InstagramTwitter and Facebook, they also have a Blogger Page on their website!

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