Monday, 8 September 2014

W7 Cosmic Nail Dust Challenge


Hey everyone, 

I was recently contacted by  W7 Make UP and asked to do the W7 Cosmic Nail Challenge and obviously I wanted to take part.
I have a few nail polishes and a brush set by W7 so I definitely wanted to be a part of the challenge.
They sent me a nail polish which was Sky Pearl*(£4.95) and their Cosmic Nail Dust in Light Turquoise*(£3.95).
I love that they sent me these colours because I don't have anything like them in my collection.

The challenge was to create a nail art design with their Cosmic Nail Dust.
I get acrylic nails done so I didn't want to ruin them. I whipped out my spare nail tips and and had a go.

 When I first picked up the Nail Dust and my first thought was 'where are the instructions?' and then I saw them, I'm glad they had instructions to help me out because I hate making a mess of new products.

The instructions were pretty simple, I applied two coats of the nail polish and then I sprinkled (more like, shook and made a mess!) it onto the wet nail.
I tried to create an ombre/gradient effect which I'm not sure worked, you guys can be the judge of that!

I love how easy it is, however it takes forever to dry, I'm glad I didn't have to sit still and wait for them to dry.

I love the effect it gives, it can make a simple nail polish look really fancy.
I wish I had nail tape so I could make stripes, that would have looked amazeballs!

What do you guys think of the Cosmic Nail Dust, have any of you tried it?
I'd love to know!

Definitely check out their website, they have loads of other shades and a huge range of other products.

Thanks for reading and thank you to W7 for allowing me to take part in the challenge,

Jesslyn x

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