Sunday, 28 September 2014

Superdrug Spot Clearing Facial Scrub | Review

Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Facial Scrub

Hi everyone,

I've got another skincare review, I think this month has been a month of skincare.
I've been loving up my skin and looking for the perfect skincare products for it.

I have oily skin so finding those perfect bits are so hard, it can either make my skin so much more worse, in terms of oil, blemishes and pores or it can go the other way and make my skin really dry, so finding one that balances out my skin is so difficult. 

Superdrug have their own skincare range where they try to cater to all skin types.
I usually use the Deep Action because it's aimed at those that have oily skin.
This time I opted to go for the Simply Pure range mainly because I saw that it was fragrance free, it contained Witch Hazel and it was 38p!

I started using it straight away to see if this 38p wonder actually worked.
I replaced my Deep Action facial scrub that I use in my night time routine for this scrub.

I used it daily for a week and my skin was not happy.  I started breaking out and my skin was more oily than normal .
I kept on using it to see if it was the cause of my break out. My skin got evenbworse so l stopped using it.

It was clear that my skin wasn't going to agree with it.

For the purposes of the review, l went back to my normal routine to see if my skin would clear up, it did. I tried the scrub again for 2 days and spots started appearing again so l stopped it completely.

In terms of packaging, it is durable and good quality for a 38p product however the product itself is not for me.

l can't recommend this product because it didn't worked and it personally made my skin so much worse.
I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you have oily skin, you may be able to get away with it if you normal / dry skin.

I am disappointed but it doesn't hurt too much because it was only 38p, it worth a testing to be honest.
Not everything that is cheap works so don't get sucked in, especially if you're someone that has problem skin. 

I'd love to know if anyone had tried this scrub and it actually worked for them!

Thanks for reading guys,


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