Friday, 19 September 2014

OOTD | Errands


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Hey everyone, 

Thought I'd put an OOTD today because I decided to wear my new trainers.
I bought them weeks ago but haven't really thought about wearing them. I wanted to test them out today to see if they were going to be a pain. 

To test my new shoes, I always run errands, I had to buy my clothes rail to replace my wardrobe and some bits to go with it so I did that today. 
I must say these shoes are pretty comfortable, I even downsized because my actual size was too big, I was bit worried that downsizing would mean a harder break in.
However, they're great and I can't wait to style them up.

This outfit was pretty boring, all black and casual.
I love comfort especially when shopping so tracksuits and a tee are a must.

Also, I used this chance to showcase my new bag from eBay, I haven't put it up in a haul yet but I couldn't wait to show you guys!
I love the colour and size, I don't have a bag like it so it's definitely a great addition to the collection.

What are your errand outfits? Do you try to make an effort or throw on anything?
I'm a throw on girl, fo' sho' haha!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xo

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