Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hey, hey!

Just thought I'd update you guys on my new nails!

I hadn't got them done for nearly 8 weeks which is absolutely disgraceful. Nails were peeling up, I'd broken one and they were ridiculously long.

I took up the chance I had this week to head to the nail shop with my sister and get them fixed.

I knew I wanted to keep them pretty simple and do a neutral colour.
I had to add a diamond just to give my nails some life because there was no accent nail or designs.

My nail polish is by O.P.I but I can't remember the name which sucks because I actually checked this time!

I love these set of nails, I haven't kept my previous ones simple and I wanted a neat set for the start of uni.

I really want to look for an independent nail artist/tech in London that can do my nails, I love my nail shop but I really want to try something new and you never know, it could be better!
Let me know of any you know that does an amazing job.

What do you guys think of my nails? Different right?

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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  1. Looks so pretty! glad you finally got them done. still need to get my nails done too


    1. Thanks, the guy doing them told me off for leaving it so long haha it's always a great feeling to have fresh nails! xo


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