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Daroko | The Power Styler*

The Power Styler Daroko (£12)*

Hey everyone,

I was recently contacted by Daroko to try out and review 'The Power Styler'.

I'm really excited to get cracking with the post but first I wanted to give you guys some background info on these amazing things.

I'm someone that has to blow dry my hair and then straighten it afterwards which is painfully long.
I have quite thick surface hair so it takes me forever to get through my whole head.

'The Power Styler' allows you to turn your hairdryer into a hairdryer/straightener combo.
It consists of two ceramic-coated plates and all you have to do is attach it the straight-edged hairdryer nozzle.
Being able to blow dry and straighten your hair simultaneously saves you so much time.

Some are the benefits are that you see instant results, your hair is left silky and smooth because of the specially designed waves on 'The Power Styler'.
Also, it's suitable for frizzy, curly, straight, thick or thin, short and long hair.
(I really put this to the test!)

I texturise my hair so it's a bit more manageable however applying double heat sometimes damages my hair so being able to do both at the same time will help a lot.

How it works is you slide the plates onto the straight-edged hairdryer nozzle and blow dry as normal.
It's helpful to use a round brush to guide the 'The Power Styler' down the hair. The hot air travels through the hairdryer and heats the ceramic plates so it straightens your hair without you having to whip out the straighteners.

Below are my before and after results!

Before (just been washed)

After (blow dried with The Power Styler)

I'm not sure if I love the results, my hair isn't completely straight but it's straighter than it would be if I had just blow dried it. My hair looks so healthy and I didn't even need to go to the hairdressers' (not that I ever do!) I love how shiny my hair is.
I can't believe that I need to switch on my straighteners at all.
Overall it took me around 20-25  mins to blow dry my hair when usually takes me 20 mins to blow dry and 25-35mins to straighten my hair, depending on whether it has been texturised or it's going through a regrowth.
I'm extremely happy that it took me that short period of time and one piece of equipment to achieve semi straight hair. However, if I wanted completely straight hair, it would've take me around 10-15 mins more.
I'll definitely keep using it, it makes my life so much easier. I'm trying to embrace my natural hair more and this lets me without damaging my hair,

I'd really recommend 'The Power Styler' to any that wants straight hair and has to blow dry and straighten their hair. However, if you have really thick hair like mine, you may struggle a little bit.
My hair was a true test on how they can work on any type of hair. I have thick, curly hair and managed to achieve semi straight hair in under 30mins.

It's great for those that have to take straighteners on holiday, it's compact and powerful.
I'd love to buy some for Christmas, as presents or give one away here on my blog!

What do you guys think? They're £12 over on Daroko which is a great price for something that does a great job, they're cheaper than most hair straighteners that don't even produce these type of results on my hair. My Remington straighteners are great on my hair but also cause a lot of damage and the results don't last long.

I'd love to know if you guys will try it out or like the idea? I bet those that hate blow drying and straightening are in awe right now haha!

You can follow The Power Styler on Twitter and on Facebook.

Thanks for reading,


*Sample, sent for review.

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  1. hhh i'm loving this! your hair looks lovely

    1. Thank you! Im trying to embrace my fro! x


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