Monday, 1 September 2014

August Lust List 2014

Puffer Jacket Hollister | Leather Shoulder Bag Dresslink | White Shirt Zara | Petite Mom Jeans Topshop 
Court Heels ASOS | Cuff Bracelet Black Tied

Happy September!

This year is going incredibly fast, I can't believe it's nearly Christmas (start buying your gifts!)

September is going to be a month of change for me, educationally, style wise and personally.
I always feel like September is a mid-year fresh start, time to refresh your wardrobe, your environment and yourself.

Change also means wishing for things and wanting to buy new things to help your refresh!

I'm really starting to like the minimalistic look and buying basic pieces has been my thing lately, which brings me to a white shirt.
I made a white shirt during my time at college and I love it. I've worn it once and I really liked the look so I wanted another one I could chop and change with.
I saw an amazing one on the Zara site and I basically need it. . . right now.
There's so many ways you can style it!

You guys know I love jackets but most of them don't have hoods, which makes life completely pointless.
I made a vow that the next two jackets I buy will have hoods.
I've been longing for a puffer jacket and Hollister have the perfect one.
It's a bit on the pricey side at £110 but as soon as my student finance comes in, that's my first purchase (bad I know!)

Next is some jeans. I really want a change, I wear skinny jeans constantly and I really want a pair that will mix it up a bit.
I've tried a few boyfriend jeans on and I don't like the way they look so I thought I'd opt for some Mom (Mom, Mom, Mom, had to say it three or four times haha!) Jeans.
I like the fact they're high waisted unlike boyfriend jeans that sit on the hips.
I'm also 5ft3" so buying jeans in the petite section is a must.

Now for some accessories!

I've been in contact with Laura from Black Tied recently and she's so lovely!
I picked out a beautiful piece which I can't wait to show you guys and couldn't help but fall in love with other pieces on the site.
I was in awe of these amazing cuff bracelets that had words of wisdom on and I knew one had to go onto my lust list. This 'Dream Believe Achieve' cuff needs to be on my wrist!

Next is a pair of heels!
I've been obsessing over shoes (when am I not!) on ASOS and these court heels caught my eye.
I love how simple they are, they'd look amazing with an all black or white outfit.
I also love the ankle buckle detail!

Lastly is this large shoulder bag from Dress Link.
I recently came across a youtuber talking about bits and bobs she bought from Dress Link and the prices she was saying for each item was insane! I knew I had to check it out.
I really need a big bag for uni so this one looked perfect, I love that it's a soft bag, it's look so much more relaxed than my satchel or tote bag.
I love the wide straps as well, I need!

So that's my August lust list, Summer's officially over!
I'm going to miss it but Autumn's here and I'm more than ready for it.
I hope you all had an amazing August and are looking forward to the wonderful month of September!

Thanks for reading guys,

Jesslyn xo

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  1. such lovely chic outfit! the shoes and bag are gorgeous


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