Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OOTD | feat. Blue Vanilla

Dress c/o Blue Vanilla 
Primark Aviator Jacket | eBay Boots (old) | DressLink Bag

Hi guys!

I'm on a roll with my OOTD's, I'm going out frequently now so I want to show you guys what I'm wearing this A/W.

I was sent this amazing dress from Blue Vanilla which is quite a new brand in my eyes. I didn't really know about them until recently.
They don't have their own website but they sell via ASOS and New Look.

I was super excited to be sent this dress, it's not something I'd usually wear but I had some ideas of how I wanted to style it.

I love how you can dress it down, the way I did or dress it up and make it look a bit smarter.
It's super comfortable however being a girl with little bit of booty (haha!), it does ride up which is super annoying but a shift here and there isn't really a big problem.

I was wearing it to uni so I just chucked on my leather jacket and boots and voila, nice and simple.
That's the good thing about dresses, all you need is a jacket and something to put on your feet!

Hope you guys like my OOTD's that are going up, let me know if you want me to style anything in particular.
Make sure you check out Blue Vanilla on New Look and/or ASOS, (or just do a little google search!)

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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Monday, 29 September 2014

NEW IN | Fashion Student Equipment

Wilko | Ballpoint Pens | A4 Ringbinder | Mechanical Pencils
Tesco | Stainless Steel 30cm Ruler

Hey everyone,

I started uni last week and I must say I'm really enjoying myself so far. 
l now know I definitely made the right choice when choosing a uni to go to, I've met some nice people on and off my course, I'm really looking foward to the future (l say that now!)

But anyways, I will be studying Fashion Design so buying equipment was a must.

I bought what l thought I needed and then did a little Google search to see if there was any other things l needed.
l actually ordered a few other bits yesterday which I will show you all in another haul.

You guys know l love eBay so I searched for most things on there and the other things l didn't feel were worth the online shopping wait.

I've linked all the things l bought from eBay so if you are in my position, you can just head over there and you can find them for really great prices.

Studying fashion is not cheap so Wilko was a must.
They always have stationery bits for good prices so I picked up a few things such as a ringbinder, some pens and mechanical pencils that l was forced to buy.

I didn't need to buy too much because I had most things from my years at college.

I do have a few things on the way so I'll definitely show you guys.

Hope you all are starting off a great week and thanks for reading!


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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Superdrug Spot Clearing Facial Scrub | Review

Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Facial Scrub

Hi everyone,

I've got another skincare review, I think this month has been a month of skincare.
I've been loving up my skin and looking for the perfect skincare products for it.

I have oily skin so finding those perfect bits are so hard, it can either make my skin so much more worse, in terms of oil, blemishes and pores or it can go the other way and make my skin really dry, so finding one that balances out my skin is so difficult. 

Superdrug have their own skincare range where they try to cater to all skin types.
I usually use the Deep Action because it's aimed at those that have oily skin.
This time I opted to go for the Simply Pure range mainly because I saw that it was fragrance free, it contained Witch Hazel and it was 38p!

I started using it straight away to see if this 38p wonder actually worked.
I replaced my Deep Action facial scrub that I use in my night time routine for this scrub.

I used it daily for a week and my skin was not happy.  I started breaking out and my skin was more oily than normal .
I kept on using it to see if it was the cause of my break out. My skin got evenbworse so l stopped using it.

It was clear that my skin wasn't going to agree with it.

For the purposes of the review, l went back to my normal routine to see if my skin would clear up, it did. I tried the scrub again for 2 days and spots started appearing again so l stopped it completely.

In terms of packaging, it is durable and good quality for a 38p product however the product itself is not for me.

l can't recommend this product because it didn't worked and it personally made my skin so much worse.
I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you have oily skin, you may be able to get away with it if you normal / dry skin.

I am disappointed but it doesn't hurt too much because it was only 38p, it worth a testing to be honest.
Not everything that is cheap works so don't get sucked in, especially if you're someone that has problem skin. 

I'd love to know if anyone had tried this scrub and it actually worked for them!

Thanks for reading guys,


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Friday, 26 September 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet? | Bags and Bags

Hi guys,

Your girl has been shopping!

I'm really in that stage of the year where I can't stop shopping, I've bought so much stuff and I have back log of hauls. Wah!
Don't worry guys, I'll get most of them up before the end of the month!

Today's haul is bags.

I needed new bags for uni and just for general use so headed over to DressLink where I found this bag. It was under £4.50 which is amazing however I had to pay for delivery and it bumped it up to around £7. It's still an amazing price for a bag but I just hate paying for delivery.
I really wanted a bag that was soft instead of all the tote bags I keep buying.

It's great cause I can fit as much I can in there because it can stretch.
For the price, you can't really go wrong but you have to wait ages because DressLink do ship from China so expect a 2-12 week wait.

Second bag is from eBay and it's one of my favourite bags to date.
I don't have a bag like it, I love the colour, the size and the inside compartments.
This bag was £9.80 which is perfect for an amazing bag.
It'd great for everyday use when you don't want to carry too much but you do want to carry a lot, if that makes sense.
This bag, well most bags, clothes etc., on eBay come from China so a 2-12 week wait for delivery has to be expected.
I personally don't mind the wait if I'm not paying for delivery however most things come within 11-20 days.

So those are my new bags, let me know if you've purchased any new bags recently. 
There's so many beautiful ones out there now the season has changed!

Thanks for reading guys,

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

OOTD | First Day of Uni

Primark Top | Primark High Waisted Jeans | Primark Jacket (old) | Topshop Skaters | eBay Bag

Hey everyone,

Uni is sucking up all my energy and I'm absolutely exhausted.
I haven't been this tired since my final major project at college! My body isn't taking the routine too well haha

Our module leaders were reading out the module guide, I wanted to cry, there's so much work to do. Fashion really isn't the easiest subject to study.

I'm glad the whole enrolment/induction period is over and I can have a good rest before the real stuff next week.

But anyways, I wanted to show you guys my OOTD, I wanted to go pretty casual like I usually do but I wanted to look like I made an effort. 

I wore my new top, I love the printed sheer front, I'll show you guys it, in a haul soon!
With my hair out, I feel like a Lion so having a top that had safari animals on, it just went together really haha

I paired it up with my high waisted jeans from Primark and my quilted fur collar jacket, also from Primark.

I love my new bag which will be featured in a haul very soon, it's small but fits the essentials in. I'm obviously going to be using a much bigger bag when I have to start carting all my uni stuff around.

And for shoes, I went for my Topshop skaters, they're my favourite shoes after all my trainers, I love the way they look, not too casual and they pull an outfit together.

What do you guys think? What did you wear for your first day of uni?
Did you dress to impress or wore what made you comfortable?
I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,


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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

FOTD | Back to School

Hey guys,

I started uni yesterday and I must say, it was way better than I expected. 
Everyone was super cool, I met and hung out with a few people that actually made my day.
I enrolled and got my ID (my picture is hideous!) 
My uni were/are giving out free Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablets to all first year undergraduate students which is amazing!
I obviously didn't turn down the offer.

But anyways, enough about my first day, I wanted to show you guys my FOTD for uni.

It's a simple smokey eye, flawless base with highlight and contouring, blusher to make look flushed and a nude lip which can be changed up with a bold lip.

I love how quick and easy it is to achieve a flawless look.
Those mornings when you don't have time to do all the steps and you don't need or want to overdo it, this is a great look to just make you look effortless.

Below are the produts I've used and definitely check out my daily products post to see my daily make up bits:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - Caramel
MUA Complexion kit -
Sleek Contour Kit - Medium (and highlighter)
Make Up Revolution Blusher  - Treat
Collection Sheer Loose Powder - Translucent

MUA Eyebrow Pencil - Brunette
MUA Felt Tip Eyeliner
NYC Quattro Eyeshadow Palette - Best of Broadway
Rimmel Retro Glam Scandaleyes Mascara

MUA Lipstick - Shade 11
MUA Plumping Lipgloss - Buff

You guys can probably tell that I felt like a Lion with my hair but I'm loving, make sure you check out my hair post that went up yesterday to see how I achieved my big hair!

Hope everyone's having a good week, let me know what your daily make up products, do you double up with any of them? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,

P.S I've just changed up my wardrobe and I'm trying out different spots to take FOTD's, if you like a spot, let me know!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Daroko | The Power Styler*

The Power Styler Daroko (£12)*

Hey everyone,

I was recently contacted by Daroko to try out and review 'The Power Styler'.

I'm really excited to get cracking with the post but first I wanted to give you guys some background info on these amazing things.

I'm someone that has to blow dry my hair and then straighten it afterwards which is painfully long.
I have quite thick surface hair so it takes me forever to get through my whole head.

'The Power Styler' allows you to turn your hairdryer into a hairdryer/straightener combo.
It consists of two ceramic-coated plates and all you have to do is attach it the straight-edged hairdryer nozzle.
Being able to blow dry and straighten your hair simultaneously saves you so much time.

Some are the benefits are that you see instant results, your hair is left silky and smooth because of the specially designed waves on 'The Power Styler'.
Also, it's suitable for frizzy, curly, straight, thick or thin, short and long hair.
(I really put this to the test!)

I texturise my hair so it's a bit more manageable however applying double heat sometimes damages my hair so being able to do both at the same time will help a lot.

How it works is you slide the plates onto the straight-edged hairdryer nozzle and blow dry as normal.
It's helpful to use a round brush to guide the 'The Power Styler' down the hair. The hot air travels through the hairdryer and heats the ceramic plates so it straightens your hair without you having to whip out the straighteners.

Below are my before and after results!

Before (just been washed)

After (blow dried with The Power Styler)

I'm not sure if I love the results, my hair isn't completely straight but it's straighter than it would be if I had just blow dried it. My hair looks so healthy and I didn't even need to go to the hairdressers' (not that I ever do!) I love how shiny my hair is.
I can't believe that I need to switch on my straighteners at all.
Overall it took me around 20-25  mins to blow dry my hair when usually takes me 20 mins to blow dry and 25-35mins to straighten my hair, depending on whether it has been texturised or it's going through a regrowth.
I'm extremely happy that it took me that short period of time and one piece of equipment to achieve semi straight hair. However, if I wanted completely straight hair, it would've take me around 10-15 mins more.
I'll definitely keep using it, it makes my life so much easier. I'm trying to embrace my natural hair more and this lets me without damaging my hair,

I'd really recommend 'The Power Styler' to any that wants straight hair and has to blow dry and straighten their hair. However, if you have really thick hair like mine, you may struggle a little bit.
My hair was a true test on how they can work on any type of hair. I have thick, curly hair and managed to achieve semi straight hair in under 30mins.

It's great for those that have to take straighteners on holiday, it's compact and powerful.
I'd love to buy some for Christmas, as presents or give one away here on my blog!

What do you guys think? They're £12 over on Daroko which is a great price for something that does a great job, they're cheaper than most hair straighteners that don't even produce these type of results on my hair. My Remington straighteners are great on my hair but also cause a lot of damage and the results don't last long.

I'd love to know if you guys will try it out or like the idea? I bet those that hate blow drying and straightening are in awe right now haha!

You can follow The Power Styler on Twitter and on Facebook.

Thanks for reading,


*Sample, sent for review.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Preparing for Uni

Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd update you!

I'm starting uni in two days, I'm tired, excited and stressed.
I can't believe it's come so quickly, I haven't been studying for nearly three months, it feels so weird to have to get back into a forced routine.
For the past few months, I've been on my own time and routine, nobody planning my days out for me.

My blog has had so much love this Summer, I really hope it doesn't suffer when I start getting deep into the course.
I am studying Fashion Design so it's going to take over my life.
I've planned out posts for the rest of September and most of October so I'm sorted for a bit.
(Definitely leave me any suggestions on any posts you want me to do? Uni related, beauty, fashion etc.)

I've bought most of my equipment, bits and bobs of make up, clothes so I'm pretty much ready.

I'm actually quite excited to start, I usually hate new starts but because this is such a huge change and it's really what I want to do, I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm going to be doing a few 'Day in the Life of a Fashion Student' posts so look out for those!

I decided not to move out for uni so I'm at home and I love not having the extra stress of moving out.
A lot of people like the whole uni experience but I personally don't feel like it would be any different for me.

I'd love any uni advice, from those going into their second year, graduates, anyone!

I'm looking forward to it!

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend,

Jesslyn x

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Friday, 19 September 2014

OOTD | Errands


 Primark T-Shirt | Adidas Joggers | Primark Jacket | eBay Bag | Nike Capri Sports Direct

Hey everyone, 

Thought I'd put an OOTD today because I decided to wear my new trainers.
I bought them weeks ago but haven't really thought about wearing them. I wanted to test them out today to see if they were going to be a pain. 

To test my new shoes, I always run errands, I had to buy my clothes rail to replace my wardrobe and some bits to go with it so I did that today. 
I must say these shoes are pretty comfortable, I even downsized because my actual size was too big, I was bit worried that downsizing would mean a harder break in.
However, they're great and I can't wait to style them up.

This outfit was pretty boring, all black and casual.
I love comfort especially when shopping so tracksuits and a tee are a must.

Also, I used this chance to showcase my new bag from eBay, I haven't put it up in a haul yet but I couldn't wait to show you guys!
I love the colour and size, I don't have a bag like it so it's definitely a great addition to the collection.

What are your errand outfits? Do you try to make an effort or throw on anything?
I'm a throw on girl, fo' sho' haha!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xo

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

What's New On Jess' . . . Make Up Drawers? | Eye Brush Set

eBay white brush set | eBay blending brush

Hi everyone,

Feels like it's been ages since my last post but I've been extremely busy, preparing for uni and my trip to Berlin. I've taken countless trips to the bank, I'm interning and emails are piling up.

In between all that busyness, I've been online shopping like crazy. 
There's so much stuff that I want, I'm going through a phase where I want to change everything or replace things.
Does anyone else get like that in September? I always do, it's my 'mid-year refresh' month!

Anyhoooo, I digress. . .

You guys know I like my eBay brushes, they're just as good quality as those high end ones, they're cheap and they're great for building a collection.

I'm always browsing for new brushes on eBay and I came across an eye brush set. I have a few foundation brushes that are from the same seller so I knew they could be trusted.
What shocked me about these brushes were that they were £1.46 for a set of 4!
Now that's ridiculously cheap, I couldn't believe it (well I could!) 

When they arrived, I was extremely happy once again, they were soft, great sizes and really soft haha
I've used a couple and I love the way they blend! Keep a look out for a review!

The lonely black blending brush was actually the second time I'd purchased this brush.
I have one already sitting amongst my other blending brushes and I love it so I just had to purchase another one.
I had a different idea for this brush; to use it as a contour brush for my nose. I love the size, the way it blends and I just need another one to be honest.
It's so cheap at 99p that it didn't hurt to buy another!

So that's my little eye brush haul, hope you guys feel inspired (haha?) to shop.
I'm telling you, eBay brushes are gems you shouldn't brush to side. They're great things, especially those looking to build up a collection (MUA, beauty students etc.) or those that are new to the game and want to start with affordable brushes!

Do any of you have faves you'd like to share with me? Or are you apprehensive to buy from eBay?
I'd love to know what you guys think!

Thanks for reading,

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Superdrug Gentle Moisturising Cream | Review

Hey everyone,

In my skincare haul, I mentioned that I'd pick up some new skincare bits and bobs from Superdrug for ridiculously cheap prices.

I've been using this moisturiser on and off for the past month.

It claims to be for all skin and keep your skin moisturised for 24hours.
It contains Vitamin E and Glycerin which is supposed to hydrate the skin and restore it's natural moisture.
It also supposed to be non-greasy and make your skin soft and silky. Can be used on your body as well!

I've been using it for a month now but not daily as I felt as an oily skinned person that this moisturiser was a bit too oily for me.
I used it before my make up once but didn't like the way my make up looked so I've refrained from using it during my morning skincare routine.
I only include it in my morning routine when I'm not wearing any make up that day.

As for the night, I used it on and off because I felt like it was breaking me out. I used it for the first week and my skin seemed to be struggling to get used to it.
I also noticed that when I'd wake up the next morning, my face would be oily.

As you may be able to tell from the picture above, the moisturiser is quite thick so using it lightly was a must after seeing my face break out and look porous.

I stopped using it for a few days and my skin seemed to go back to normal.
When I did start using it again, I only used it lightly and in combination with my Effaclar Duo[+] and my face was fine.

I am a bit apprehensive to use it daily by itself because I hate breaking out as my skin takes forever to heal up and it's just very irritating.

I like the packaging, just your stand moisturiser packaging. Superdrug do well in producing good packaging for their own brand which I quite like.

I'd say the price and the packaging are the best bits about this moisturiser. At 38p, I can't really complain, it just would've been nice to have a cheap moisturiser that worked.
The fact that it makes me break out has put me off repurchasing and I highly doubt I will.

If you have dry/normal skin, it may work for you however if you have oily/combination skin, it may affect you the same way it did me but you may be lucky!

Have any of you tried it, what were thoughts on it?
Did you only buy it because it was 38p haha I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,


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Sunday, 14 September 2014

OOTD | Weekday Wedding

Primark Jumpsuit | Caroline Morgan Blazer | Primark Court Heels| Primark Clutch | eBay Watch

Hi everyone!

It was my auntie's wedding last Thursday, it was all last minute because dated had to be moved forward and so and so.

I had no clue what I was going to wear, I was stressed out, I had only 3 days to put an outfit together which to me means I have to rush. I need at least a week to think about an outfit for special days!

I knew I wanted to wear my blue suede court heels, I'd never worn before so they were the foundation to my outfit.

I found myself the morning of, sitting on my bed, still struggling to find something to wear and then I remembered.
I bought this amazing jumpsuit at the start of Summer and never got a chance to wear it so I took up the opportunity to wear it. The weather wasn't that great and this jumpsuit was a great way to stay warm and be a classy wedding guest at the same time.

I couldn't decide whether to wear a printed kimono or the orange blazer, I tried both on and the kimono was a bit too casual so I opted for the blazer.

My snakeskin clutch with gold accents was a must for this outfit and I accessorised with gold jewellery!

It's crazy what you can throw together when you're under pressured. I love the contrast between the blazer and the court heels, I think they compliment each other quite well. What do you guys think?

Hope you guys like my outfit!

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for new post this week.


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Friday, 12 September 2014

Superdrug Deep Cleansing Lotion | Review

Hi guys,

I've got a review for you today and it's the Superdrug Deep Action Deep Cleansing Lotion.

I bought it nearly a month ago and have been using it daily ever since.
I really wanted to try something different and a bit more vigorous.
Don't get me wrong, I love the L'Oreal Micellar Water but I wanted something that was a bit harsher on my oily skin, if that makes sense.
Also, I use the scrub and facial wash from the Deep Action range so I really wanted to try out the deep cleansing lotion.

Like I said, I've been using it daily for nearly a month. I use it during my night time routine because it really gets rid of those annoying oils that don't want to budge.

I use a cotton pad (as shown above) or cotton wool if I want something softer or if I don't want to use a whole cotton pad.
I usually use it after I used a facial scrub/wash to make sure my face is completely clean before moisturising.

I only need to use a tiny bit as you can see from the picture, that's all I've used in a month so it will last quite a long time.

I love the packaging, much better than the L'Oreal one. The cap is a bit hard to open but I'd prefer a hard to open than an easy to open.

Now, the downside, when I use it around my eyes, it burns, really burns. Anywhere else on my face is fine but my eyelids feel like they're on fire whenever I use it on them.
That's the only negative to be honest, I wouldn't stop using it because of that, I'll just refrain from using it around my eyes.
If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend you use it.

My skin has improved a little since I started using it, I use the L'Oreal in the morning and the Superdrug in the night and my skin doesn't seem to be struggling to handle both.

I still think I like the L'Oreal Micellar Water more but with the Superdrug Deep Cleansing Lotion only being £2.59, I'd still repurchase and carry on with my current routine.

If you have really oily skin and need something to strip back the oils, I'd recommend it but if you have sensitive or dry skin definitely stay away!

I'd love to know your opinions if you've tried it!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn x

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hey, hey!

Just thought I'd update you guys on my new nails!

I hadn't got them done for nearly 8 weeks which is absolutely disgraceful. Nails were peeling up, I'd broken one and they were ridiculously long.

I took up the chance I had this week to head to the nail shop with my sister and get them fixed.

I knew I wanted to keep them pretty simple and do a neutral colour.
I had to add a diamond just to give my nails some life because there was no accent nail or designs.

My nail polish is by O.P.I but I can't remember the name which sucks because I actually checked this time!

I love these set of nails, I haven't kept my previous ones simple and I wanted a neat set for the start of uni.

I really want to look for an independent nail artist/tech in London that can do my nails, I love my nail shop but I really want to try something new and you never know, it could be better!
Let me know of any you know that does an amazing job.

What do you guys think of my nails? Different right?

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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