Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tie The Checkered Shirt | Casual Summer Lookbook #4

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Hey guys!

This is look number 5 for my casual summer lookbook. If you missed my other looks or my dress-y lookbook. Check it out here!

For this look, I wanted to try out this 'tie your shirt around the waist' look so I dug out my old checkered shirt and just threw it over an outfit I was already wearing.
My outfit was pretty dark so adding the shirt adding some colour and some extra life.

I quite like the flannel/checkered shirt trend, very 90's. I'll be making use of my checkered shirt much more.

We all have that piece of clothing that we just leave in the wardrobe for ages and then we rummage through our wardrobes and find it again.
Love when that happens! I'd love to know what pieces you've rediscovered recently, isn't it a great feeling?

You guys know, I'm all about comfy shoes so I just threw on my Primark pumps, they're the most comfortable shoes I own. They were only £3 too, I'm definitely going back for more colours for uni!

What do you guys think about the checkered shirt trend?
Let me know!


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