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Superdrug Purifying Face Mask Review

Superdrug Purifying Witch Hazel Mud Mask

Hey guys

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased (haul) a mask from Superdrug's own brand mask range. 

My skin was going through tough times and I was in desperate need of a skin saviour. 
It was a lazy day so I utilised my sister being at Superdrug and asked her to buy me a face mask.

There was a huge variety and she had no idea what to go for so she read out a few choices and I ended up going for the detoxifying one. 
I went for that one because I needed something that would clear up my skin and the detoxifying mask sounded like it would do the job. 

I tried it as soon as got it because I really needed to see if it would work for my skin. 
I did my normal skincare routine but I used the mask before using my cleansing lotion and moisturiser. 

When I first put it on my clean and dry face, as instructed, it was cold and it dried quite quickly on my face as I was trying spread it. I put it on lightly on the areas that weren't as problematic, for example, my forehead and chin and heavily on areas like my cheeks and nose.
It says to leave it on for 10-15mins but I left it on for 20-25mins because my skin wasn't reacting to it so I felt I could go for longer.

A quick disclaimer, I would really suggest following the instructions before deciding to go longer, I only did because I knew my skin could take it. I wouldn't recommend someone doing what I did because I did it and didn't react to it. Please go with the instructions, I would hate for anyone to have a bad reaction to it because of me.

Back to the review. . .

After using the mask in my night time routine, the next morning, my skin was noticeably better, the redness and soreness around my blemishes had definitely improved.

My face was a bit dry after I'd used it but after I moisturised, my face was fine. The mask drying out my face helped with drying out my sore blemishes. 

The mask contains Witch Hazel which is supposedly good for your skin so it may have contributed to my better skin. This mask is also for oily and blemish prone skin so if you have that, this mask may work for you. 

My skin has improved a lot ever since I added it to my skincare routine. I use it 2-3 times like recommended but I do leave it on longer and see great results.

I'd really recommend it if you need something to fix your skin asap. It's great to use as a one-off and as part of your skincare routine. Coming in at £2.59, Superdrug did well in creating good quality masks for everyone! 

That's my review for you guys!


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  1. Finding good face mask that won't dry up your skin is hard! But looks good though

    1. Yeah it's really hard but it does help my skin, my skin's so oily! x


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