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Revlon ColorStay Foundation | Review

Hi everyone!

Feels like I haven't posted a beauty review in ages!
If you saw my 'First Impressions' post of me trying out new products in my make up drawers. Definitely check it out if you missed it, you get to see my lovely face haha!

Anyways, I mentioned that I changed my foundation and that it matched my skin perfectly.
That foundation is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Caramel.

I actually have an experience about the shade 'caramel'.

Me and my sister went into Superdrug to look for a foundation, January, two years ago and I ran in, saying 'I'm caramel, look for all the caramel foundations!' and I ended up buying a foundation that was the wrong shade, I was so upset that I couldn't say I was caramel-skinned.
I had to mix foundations to get the right shade and then when I purchased a new one, it was the shade caramel and I discovered that there's different shades of caramel and felt like a numpty. Obviously there's different shades of caramel.
I never made the mistake of not trying a foundation first.

Just thought I'd share 'young and dumb' experience with you guys, I just thought it's funny that now have a foundation that is a shade caramel and it's the right shade.

No more rambling, onto the review.

I'd thought I'd review both shades because they have different pros and cons.
Revlon changed their formula for their ColorStay foundation which I am happy about.

I'll start with the Mahogany shade. I bought this ages ago and it's clearly the wrong shade, it was when I was darker in the Summer and my normal foundation was just not matching. I didn't stay very dark for very long (British weather!) and had to start mixing it because I didn't want to waste it.
I love that it blended well when I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, dupes and flat foundation brush.

It lasted very long throughout the day with me only having to powder my face once or twice.
Being someone that has oily skin, this foundation was my absolute saviour.

The downsides were that it didn't have any SPF in. I knew how much SPF helps and protects your skin so I was quite shocked to see that a foundation from the higher end of drugstore foundations, didn't have SPF.

Another downside was that it doesn't have a pump, when you pay so much for a foundation, it should at least have a pump. Foundations that are way cheaper have a pump, Revlon, not happy, I make a mess and it's such a waste to see foundation that could be on my face, on my hand and finger tips.

Now, the Caramel shade.
You can clearly see that the packaging is different.

The first thing I noticed was that the Caramel one has SPF 15 in which made me so glad. I also noticed that it didn't say 'Makeup with SoftFlex' which I didn't understand to begin with but when I tried it, I knew straight away.
The Caramel is so much harder to blend out, as soon as it touches my skin, it sticks. I really have to buff it in to blend it out and I have to apply it in sections because it dries very quickly.

Also, like I said in the start of the post, it matches my skin perfectly which is a plus side because I don't have to mix foundations any more. Yay me!

In regards to the foundation sticking like glue to my face, I noticed that this foundation lasts way longer than the other. On good days, I don't have to powder at all and I have to struggle to take it off because it doesn't slide anywhere. On days when I want to just jump into bed, I absolutely hate this foundation but throughout the day I remember why I love it.

Again, Revlon has decided that foundation wearers don't need a foundation pump but the improvements definitely outshine the non-existent pump.

I'd say the Caramel shade is definitely my holy grail foundation, the fact that it's harder to blend out doesn't bother me too much. If you're someone that is looking for a first foundation, I'd probably tell you to steer away because of the amount of time and effort you have to put into blending it out.
I personally know that because it's so hard to blend out is because it sticks to my face and lasts all day.

If you have oily skin and you need a long wearing foundation, I'd recommend this foundation.
I've tried quite a few drugstore foundations and this is my favourite, it's worth the £12.49 I paid, the only downside is the pump that doesn't exist.

What's your holy grail foundation, I'd love to know!
If you want to see me wearing the Caramel shade, definitely check out my 'First Impressions' post!

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn xoxo

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  1. So glad you've changed your foundation and it suits your skin complexion perfectly well might check revlon too as I want to change my foundation too

    1. It's an amazing foundation! I love it, I'd really recommend it, they have shades for the black sisters too!
      Thanks for commenting girl! xoxo


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