Friday, 29 August 2014

OOTD | Quick Baller

Primark Vest Top | Primark Jeans (DIY) | New Look Shirt (old) | H&M Quilted Bomber Jacket | Primark Sunglasses | Nike Trainers

Hi everyone,

It feels like ages since I did my last OOTD but I just had to show you guys my new trainers, on.
I featured them in a trainers' haul that I put up recently so if you want to see the other pair I bought, definitely check it out!

I decided to whip out my checkered shirt to tie around my waist, I'm really loving the trend and I think it compliments my style very well. I showed you guys another outfit in my summer lookbook wearing this shirt around my waist, I love it!
My favourite jacket has made another appearance, it just can't stay away!

The main focus on the outfit was the trainers, it was basically test day!
They're so comfortable, most of my trainers are, I love the colour, the shape, everything basically.

What do you guys think about my new kicks? You like?


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  1. Your trainers is a beaut! And I'm loving the whole checker shirt around your waist thing. Lovely!

    1. Thank you, it's my new thing now, undercover accessory ;)

      Thanks for always commenting on my blog xo


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