Sunday, 3 August 2014

MUA Mosaic Bronzer Review


I've never been a huge bronzer fan and never really saw the point of it. Just as Summer began, I watched make up tutorials, religiously and everyone seemed to be using a bronzer. 
I loved the natural glow/bronzed look so I thought I'd look for a bronzer I could play around with.

I purchased the MUA Mosaic Bronzer a couple weeks back and started using it right away.

The first thing I noticed about it was the packaging, it was so sturdy. MUA can be a bit cheeky when it comes packaging but I must say I was very impressed and still am.

There was 2 different ones, Natural Glow and Sunkissed Glow
I went for Natural Glow because it was closer to my skin tone and I just thought I'd play it safe because it was the first time I would be buying a bronzer.

I did my make up like usual but applied the bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and areas of my forehead and then I applied my blusher. (As seen in the image above!)

I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to do the job and it's great, there isn't any fall out, it's pigmented; a little bit goes a long way, it makes me glow and my cheekbones look sh-amazing!

As a girl of colour, it's always hard to find products that don't make me look ashy but this doesn't at all, with or without blusher/contour, the bronzer does its job.

For a measly £2.50, I'd say MUA did well with this one, I'm looking to buy the Sunkissed one and try it out as a highlighter so I'll let you guys know what I think if I can get my hands on one!

Have any of you tried the MUA Mosaic Bronzer? What were your thoughts and experiences?
I'd love to know!

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