Saturday, 23 August 2014

Interning with Jylle Navarro | Day 9 & 10

Hey guys,

Interning's going great at the moment, I'm learning quite a bit and getting in touch with my creative side.
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Below is day 9 and 10 so enjoy reading and gazing at the colourful pictures!

Day 9

Today was a day of finishing of hair accessories. I tried out a new type of pom pom, which I must say, took some time and mentally drained me but it was amazing to see the final piece.

It's so cool that we start out with an idea and then over a few days, we build on it and it's crazier and crazier.
That's the great thing about being someone that creates things, no idea is too big!

Day 10

Today seemed to be a day of trial and error.
We were working on a new piece today so I made some components for it.

It was a very interesting day, everything seemed to be coming to life. As someone that wants to become a designer, seeing your designs come to life is the best thing ever!

So that was day 9 and 10, I apologise for not being able to show you guys full pieces.
Nothing's being shown until after the fashion show so definitely keep a look out for pictures from the show.

Thanks for reading!

Jesslyn x

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