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How To Survive 2 Years of College

Hi everyone!

I know I might be a bit late for some of you but I thought I'd give you guys, starting college/sixth form, some useful tips on surviving those two years.

I recently finished studying a BTEC in Fashion and Clothing and left with the grade DMM, which surprises me considering I had a rocky two year course.
I personally had quite a bad experience, in terms of my relationship with the teachers but I met my bestest friend, passed the course and now I'm heading to uni!

I personally chose to leave school and go to college because I felt I needed a change of environment and I couldn't stand my school (and the uniform!) I also felt that if I stayed at school, the jump from school to uni would be overwhelming so my decision to go to college was best for me.
 Everyone's different so staying at school may be best for you but I just couldn't take another two years.

I know there's this debate about BTEC and A Levels, which I personally think is so silly, but what I would say is don't follow the crowd. I chose to study a BTEC because I knew fashion was what I wanted to do and didn't feel the need to study three other subjects.
Also, I didn't want to do exams ever again so BTEC was a must.
Lastly, with the BTEC, I know universities prefer to see a BTEC than A Levels because they feel you're more independent and understand the learning-teaching process more. (Just thought I'd put that out there!)

That was my experience and my choices but here are a few tips on how to survive 2 years of college/sixth form.


Use these two years to reflect on yourself. I know you're still young but using those two years to think about ways you can change to improve your being is great. I learnt a lot about myself  in the last two years, I'm more confident and I've learnt from (a lot!) of my mistakes.


Even though you may feel like you finally have independence (no uniform, no detentions etc.), it doesn't mean you should waste two important years of your educational life.
I knew I wanted to go to uni so I had to focus (sort of!) on getting those grades to get on to my undergraduate course.


These two years are your chance to explore different things and find out more about what you want to go into.  Use this chance to try out new things, whether it be hairstyles, your style, whatever it may be, just try it!

Be Yourself

You've left school (or not), this is your chance to express yourself.
Whether you're doing an arty subject or an academic one, be yourself. You are your own person, this your time to let your personality shine!

Have Fun

Lastly, have fun and enjoy these two years. If you're off to uni afterwards, you're going to want to enjoy yourself before the serious stuff. 
Definitely make the most of your time as an semi-independent person.

So that's my lowdown on surviving college/sixth form, make sure you have fun and you focus on being a strong and independent person.
I so wish I had someone to give me some tips on surviving on the last two years, they have been the best and worst years of my life so far but I'm glad I've grown to be a better person.

Hope you all have a great college experience and you all pass with flying colours!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xo

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