Thursday, 28 August 2014

3 Day Family Camping Trip

Hey guys

I went on 3 nights, 4 day camping trip with my family and I just wanted to share a few pictures.
We headed to a camp site in Hertfordshire on Sunday afternoon and started the mission of putting up the tents.
The 3 man tent was super easy to put up but the 6 man was hell to put up, it took us hours!
When it was dark and we lit our campfire, we ate, played some games and then headed to bed.
Halfway through the night it started to rain and by the morning the rain was so bad.

Monday was a day of rain, all we could do was shower (in the shower facility), have breakfast, play a few games (Monopoly, Twister etc. . .), have lunch, use the devices that were half dead already (thank God we had wifi, have dinner and then try and head to bed.

By try, I mean, get into the 6 man tent and figure out that it was soaked so we had to put on our thinking caps real fast and we decided to build the other 3 man inside the 6 man tent instead of building it outside in the rain.
It worked, we had a dry nights sleep!

Tuesday, we planned day out so we got ready, had some breakfast and then we headed to our local bowling alley back in London. We like car journeys so we didn't mind the drive back to London.
We bowled for a full hours which was super fun, I haven't been bowling in years so it was nice to do something I hadn't done in ages.
We got back to the campsite and we stoked up a fire, it was the last night so we made use of it.
It was so fun to sit around the campfire and eat marshmallows.
We had dinner and couldn't wait to head back into the tent to sleep. We wanted the night to be over fast haha
Morning came, we had breakfast, got ready, took the tents down and headed home!

It was a hard 3 day trip, definitely something out of my comfort zone. The Monday rain really beat me up but I kept going for the next two nights.
I'd love to go camping again, maybe when there's lots (lots!) of sun.
Nonetheless, I had fun and it was great to bond with the family!

Summer's nearly over, what family bonding activities have you done recently?
I'd love to know!

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