Sunday, 31 August 2014

How To Survive 2 Years of College

Hi everyone!

I know I might be a bit late for some of you but I thought I'd give you guys, starting college/sixth form, some useful tips on surviving those two years.

I recently finished studying a BTEC in Fashion and Clothing and left with the grade DMM, which surprises me considering I had a rocky two year course.
I personally had quite a bad experience, in terms of my relationship with the teachers but I met my bestest friend, passed the course and now I'm heading to uni!

I personally chose to leave school and go to college because I felt I needed a change of environment and I couldn't stand my school (and the uniform!) I also felt that if I stayed at school, the jump from school to uni would be overwhelming so my decision to go to college was best for me.
 Everyone's different so staying at school may be best for you but I just couldn't take another two years.

I know there's this debate about BTEC and A Levels, which I personally think is so silly, but what I would say is don't follow the crowd. I chose to study a BTEC because I knew fashion was what I wanted to do and didn't feel the need to study three other subjects.
Also, I didn't want to do exams ever again so BTEC was a must.
Lastly, with the BTEC, I know universities prefer to see a BTEC than A Levels because they feel you're more independent and understand the learning-teaching process more. (Just thought I'd put that out there!)

That was my experience and my choices but here are a few tips on how to survive 2 years of college/sixth form.


Use these two years to reflect on yourself. I know you're still young but using those two years to think about ways you can change to improve your being is great. I learnt a lot about myself  in the last two years, I'm more confident and I've learnt from (a lot!) of my mistakes.


Even though you may feel like you finally have independence (no uniform, no detentions etc.), it doesn't mean you should waste two important years of your educational life.
I knew I wanted to go to uni so I had to focus (sort of!) on getting those grades to get on to my undergraduate course.


These two years are your chance to explore different things and find out more about what you want to go into.  Use this chance to try out new things, whether it be hairstyles, your style, whatever it may be, just try it!

Be Yourself

You've left school (or not), this is your chance to express yourself.
Whether you're doing an arty subject or an academic one, be yourself. You are your own person, this your time to let your personality shine!

Have Fun

Lastly, have fun and enjoy these two years. If you're off to uni afterwards, you're going to want to enjoy yourself before the serious stuff. 
Definitely make the most of your time as an semi-independent person.

So that's my lowdown on surviving college/sixth form, make sure you have fun and you focus on being a strong and independent person.
I so wish I had someone to give me some tips on surviving on the last two years, they have been the best and worst years of my life so far but I'm glad I've grown to be a better person.

Hope you all have a great college experience and you all pass with flying colours!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xo

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Friday, 29 August 2014

OOTD | Quick Baller

Primark Vest Top | Primark Jeans (DIY) | New Look Shirt (old) | H&M Quilted Bomber Jacket | Primark Sunglasses | Nike Trainers

Hi everyone,

It feels like ages since I did my last OOTD but I just had to show you guys my new trainers, on.
I featured them in a trainers' haul that I put up recently so if you want to see the other pair I bought, definitely check it out!

I decided to whip out my checkered shirt to tie around my waist, I'm really loving the trend and I think it compliments my style very well. I showed you guys another outfit in my summer lookbook wearing this shirt around my waist, I love it!
My favourite jacket has made another appearance, it just can't stay away!

The main focus on the outfit was the trainers, it was basically test day!
They're so comfortable, most of my trainers are, I love the colour, the shape, everything basically.

What do you guys think about my new kicks? You like?


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Thursday, 28 August 2014

3 Day Family Camping Trip

Hey guys

I went on 3 nights, 4 day camping trip with my family and I just wanted to share a few pictures.
We headed to a camp site in Hertfordshire on Sunday afternoon and started the mission of putting up the tents.
The 3 man tent was super easy to put up but the 6 man was hell to put up, it took us hours!
When it was dark and we lit our campfire, we ate, played some games and then headed to bed.
Halfway through the night it started to rain and by the morning the rain was so bad.

Monday was a day of rain, all we could do was shower (in the shower facility), have breakfast, play a few games (Monopoly, Twister etc. . .), have lunch, use the devices that were half dead already (thank God we had wifi, have dinner and then try and head to bed.

By try, I mean, get into the 6 man tent and figure out that it was soaked so we had to put on our thinking caps real fast and we decided to build the other 3 man inside the 6 man tent instead of building it outside in the rain.
It worked, we had a dry nights sleep!

Tuesday, we planned day out so we got ready, had some breakfast and then we headed to our local bowling alley back in London. We like car journeys so we didn't mind the drive back to London.
We bowled for a full hours which was super fun, I haven't been bowling in years so it was nice to do something I hadn't done in ages.
We got back to the campsite and we stoked up a fire, it was the last night so we made use of it.
It was so fun to sit around the campfire and eat marshmallows.
We had dinner and couldn't wait to head back into the tent to sleep. We wanted the night to be over fast haha
Morning came, we had breakfast, got ready, took the tents down and headed home!

It was a hard 3 day trip, definitely something out of my comfort zone. The Monday rain really beat me up but I kept going for the next two nights.
I'd love to go camping again, maybe when there's lots (lots!) of sun.
Nonetheless, I had fun and it was great to bond with the family!

Summer's nearly over, what family bonding activities have you done recently?
I'd love to know!

Thanks  for reading,


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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What's New In Jess'. . . Closet? | Nike Trainers

Hey, hey, hey!

As you guys know, I'm a huge trainers fan and I basically collect them.
Trainers are my number one love and I wear them whenever I can. I have more trainers than I have any other type of shoe. I haven't worn a pair of flats since I left school, I hate the way they look on me and I personally don't feel like they have a place in my style.

I'd love to show you guys my trainers collection but there's a few more pairs I want first! But let me know if that's something you want to see. 
Obviously I'm not showing you guys to boast, trainers are expensive footwear and I do save up for each pair I want (most of time!) I just want to show you guys my babies haha!

I've recently started wearing skater shoes and in the eyes of my style, they are flats. I love how they can look smart but are still trainer-like. They are great shoes for college/uni. 

Speaking of college/uni, let me kick start my back to school hauls. 
Even though I'm not a school starter and I am going to be starting the big ol' university, I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I'll be buying for my course and myself. 

I'm going to be splitting up my hauls so first up are these pairs of trainers. 

I'm all about finding unique trainers so when I can't find pairs in JD Sports or Footlocker, I head straight to the Sports Direct website because I always find unique trainers.

The first pair I found online were the Nike basketball lows.
I actually have two pairs of the basketball trainers already but they're both high tops and I didn't really want buy another pair that were the same so I opted for the lows.
I loved the colour and contrast. I haven't got many black trainers so these are a great addition to the collection.
Sports Direct do great deals and are always looking to clear trainers for a good price, I managed to bag these for £21! That's amazing for a good pair of trainers, I got these in a size 5.5 but I could've done with a size 5. However, Winter is coming soon and having a half size up is great to wear double socks with during that time period.

The second pair I also found on the Sports Direct website were the Nike Capri High Tops.
I actually tried them on in-store after seeing them online because I wasn't sure about them but I fell in love when I tried them. 
I got home and ordered them straight away along with basketball ones. These pairs were £30, again, a great price for trainers and I bought these pairs in a size 5.

I love my new pairs and I can't wait to style them up!
Let me know if you want to see a trainers lookbook and my collection, I'd love to do it for you guys!

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Superdrug Purifying Face Mask Review

Superdrug Purifying Witch Hazel Mud Mask

Hey guys

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased (haul) a mask from Superdrug's own brand mask range. 

My skin was going through tough times and I was in desperate need of a skin saviour. 
It was a lazy day so I utilised my sister being at Superdrug and asked her to buy me a face mask.

There was a huge variety and she had no idea what to go for so she read out a few choices and I ended up going for the detoxifying one. 
I went for that one because I needed something that would clear up my skin and the detoxifying mask sounded like it would do the job. 

I tried it as soon as got it because I really needed to see if it would work for my skin. 
I did my normal skincare routine but I used the mask before using my cleansing lotion and moisturiser. 

When I first put it on my clean and dry face, as instructed, it was cold and it dried quite quickly on my face as I was trying spread it. I put it on lightly on the areas that weren't as problematic, for example, my forehead and chin and heavily on areas like my cheeks and nose.
It says to leave it on for 10-15mins but I left it on for 20-25mins because my skin wasn't reacting to it so I felt I could go for longer.

A quick disclaimer, I would really suggest following the instructions before deciding to go longer, I only did because I knew my skin could take it. I wouldn't recommend someone doing what I did because I did it and didn't react to it. Please go with the instructions, I would hate for anyone to have a bad reaction to it because of me.

Back to the review. . .

After using the mask in my night time routine, the next morning, my skin was noticeably better, the redness and soreness around my blemishes had definitely improved.

My face was a bit dry after I'd used it but after I moisturised, my face was fine. The mask drying out my face helped with drying out my sore blemishes. 

The mask contains Witch Hazel which is supposedly good for your skin so it may have contributed to my better skin. This mask is also for oily and blemish prone skin so if you have that, this mask may work for you. 

My skin has improved a lot ever since I added it to my skincare routine. I use it 2-3 times like recommended but I do leave it on longer and see great results.

I'd really recommend it if you need something to fix your skin asap. It's great to use as a one-off and as part of your skincare routine. Coming in at £2.59, Superdrug did well in creating good quality masks for everyone! 

That's my review for you guys!


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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Interning with Jylle Navarro | Day 9 & 10

Hey guys,

Interning's going great at the moment, I'm learning quite a bit and getting in touch with my creative side.
If you want to check out my other internship posts, click here.
Below is day 9 and 10 so enjoy reading and gazing at the colourful pictures!

Day 9

Today was a day of finishing of hair accessories. I tried out a new type of pom pom, which I must say, took some time and mentally drained me but it was amazing to see the final piece.

It's so cool that we start out with an idea and then over a few days, we build on it and it's crazier and crazier.
That's the great thing about being someone that creates things, no idea is too big!

Day 10

Today seemed to be a day of trial and error.
We were working on a new piece today so I made some components for it.

It was a very interesting day, everything seemed to be coming to life. As someone that wants to become a designer, seeing your designs come to life is the best thing ever!

So that was day 9 and 10, I apologise for not being able to show you guys full pieces.
Nothing's being shown until after the fashion show so definitely keep a look out for pictures from the show.

Thanks for reading!

Jesslyn x

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Friday, 22 August 2014

What's New On Jess' . . . Skincare Shelf? | Superdrug & L'Oreal

L'Oreal 3in1 Micellar Water | Superdrug Deep Action Deep Cleansing Lotion 

Hi guys,

Little ol' me went on a shopping spree and bought a few things, online and in-store.
I thought I'd split everything up like I usually do instead of doing one big haul so today, I'm showing you guys the skincare bits I bought!

I took a trip to Superdrug with my bestie because she wanted to buy some bits before she moves for uni so I went in without any plans to buy anything but I couldn't resist.

I had a few skincare bits on my list so I utilised my hour and a half in Superdrug to get them.

First is the L'Oreal Micellar Water. This was actually a repurchase, my current one is on it's way out so I knew I had to have one ready to replace it. It's an amazing product and it helps my skin so much so repurchasing was a must. It was on sale for £3.33 which is a bargain because I usually see it for £4.99!

Second is a Cleansing Lotion by the Superdrug's own brand. I have oily skin so I use the deep action range, I already own and use the facial scrub (review) and cream wash (review) and they work well with my skin so I jumped and bought the cleansing lotion. It was only £2.59, which is the price for all their Deep Action products. I can't wait to start using it along with my L'Oreal one.

Next is a facial scrub. Like I said before, I'm using the Deep Action facial scrub but I wanted something that wasn't as vigorous so opted for the Spot Clearing facial scrub by Superdrug's Simply Pure range and can you believe it was only 30p! I will be repurchasing if it's any good.

Lastly, is a moisturiser by Superdrug's Skin Soft range. I really needed a moisturiser to use alongside my Effaclar Duo so I found this Gentle Moisturising Cream which was only 38p which is so cheap and I've used it a couple times already and it's amazing!

As you guys can probably tell, I'm loving Superdrug's skincare products. I know some people may think, the more costly, the better but I'm all about finding a product that does the same as that expensive one over there.
However, if you're young or on a budget and need skincare products, I'd definitely recommend their range to you!

Have you tried any products from their range, I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading and keep a look out for more hauls throughout the next couple of weeks, I'm on a shopping roll before uni haha

Jesslyn x

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

90's Inspired FOTD

Hi everyone, 

It's a been while but I'm back with a 90's inspired make up.
I was inspired by a couple of pictures I saw on Instagram so I did a little research and  found that 90's make up was quite grungy but simple.
I noticed that many used a coral eyeshadow to blend out and a dark shade (black, dark brown etc.) in the crease.

So I created this look!

I used my coral shade from my 120 eyeshadow palette first to blend out my highlighter and to have it as a base colour. 
I then used shades, Faint and Crave from my UD Basics Palette to define my crease and to blend out on my bottom lashline. I also used a black eyeliner pencil to line my waterline. 
Lastly, I used the shade Foxy from the UD palette to add to my lid and then a glitter version of the shade from my 120 palette.

For my face I contoured with my Sleek Contour Kit and then my MUA blusher in Candyfloss.
If you want to see what I use on my base, definitely check out my daily products post!

On  my lips, I used my LA Colors lip liner in Nutmeg and then Miss Sporty Lipstick in 051 Bubblegum and then MUA Plumping Lipgloss in Buff.

What do you guys think about my 90's inspired grunge make up look?
If you recreate the look, I'd love to see it!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn x

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Paradise Wildlife Park | Family Trip

Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd do a quick post on my family trip to Paradise Park. It was the second time we visited this year and I thought I'd share pictures this time.

We arrived around 11:30am by coach and we had lunch straight away (yes, lunch in the morning!) because we'd been before so we thought we'd relax first and then start looking around.

After lunch, we headed to the Speedway Museum first because we actually didn't see it the last time we went. I fell in love with a silver bike that I wanted to jump on and ride home, it was so beautiful!
It was a cool thing to see in an Animal Park.

I think the animals were quite sleepy and sluggish this visit, they all seemed to be resting or sleeping.
Except for . .  .

.  . . THE ALPACAS! 
They are one crazy animal, they chew everything!

Also there was a monkey named Gremlin that was going crazy, I think he was just showing off haha

It was amazing to see the big cats, it's always a 'wow' moment to see them. 
The lions were a sleep but one decided to wake for a picture and then went straight back to sleep!

Overall it was a good day, I love spending time with my family. Sometimes I feel like I'm growing up and won't get to spend loads of time with them so I really cherish family bonding.
It actually scares me that I'm going to uni and will have to be independent even though I'm not moving out.

I love my family, they make me so happy (most of the time!) and it's so weird to see everyone growing up together so quickly. It just makes you realise that time flies and you have to make the most of it!

What family trips have you been on this Summer or do you have any planned?
Summer is great for family time, don't you think?


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