Friday, 18 July 2014

White Shirt | Casual Summer Lookbook #1

White Shirt Made by me | Corduroy Leggings River Island | Sandals, Necklace and Sunglasses Primark
Bag Peacocks (old)

Hey everyone,

This is outfit #1 for my casual Summer lookbook. I thought it would be nice to change it up and spread my lookbook out over the course of Summer as opposed to my previous lookbook that was shown to you all in one go. 
Please let me know if you prefer like that, I'll definitely consider doing it like that again for you guys. If you haven't seen my Summer Lookbook, definitely check it out !

Well, for this outfit I was inspired by the white shirt, I saw a post about about Chris Brown on someone's blog and they mentioned a white shirt. 
I started planning outfits in my head and wished I had a white shirt (you'd see my complaint on Twitter), I remembered (almost) instantly that I'd make a white shirt whilst at college.
So I dug it out of my 'made clothes' pile and did a test run and I loved it.

For this outfit, I wore it to go shopping and get my nails and pedi done. Pretty simple but it looks like I've made loads of effort.
The cuffs actually have no buttons on them hence why I rolled them up but it was scorching hot so it looked alright. I need to get some buttons on them though.

Yes, my Birkenstock dupes have made an appearance once again, I just love them so much. I've never really been a feet person but I've learnt to love them.

And if you're wondering why I look completely different in these pictures? My hair's changed again, I can't help it, I get bored so quick but I think I'm going to stick to this hair for a while.
Definitely look out for my 'new hair' post!

So that's it for outfit number 1, pretty simple but chic!

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the lookbook and don't forget to enter my Chi Chi Clothing giveaway!

Jesslyn x

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