Friday, 25 July 2014

What's' New on Jess' . . . Skincare Shelf? | Superdrug Mask

Superdrug Purifying Witch Hazel Mud Mask | £2.59


You all probably saw me complaining about how bad my skin had got!
So instead of me trying to tackle it with my daily scrubs and washes, I asked my sister, while she was out, to stop off at Superdrug and get me a face mask.

I had a choice between Hydrating, Purifying, De-stressing and a few more, definitely check out their mask collection!
I decided to go for the Purifying mask, especially because my sister mentioned it was for oily skin.

I've used it a couple times and it's working, I'll definitely do a review for you guys.
For £2.59, I'd say well done Superdrug!

Thanks for reading and feel free to recommend any other skincare products!

Jesslyn x

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  1. What a fabulous price! I have dry and sensitive skin so this probably isn't suitable for me, but I'm looking forward to reading your review :)

    Style Sunrise


    1. Don't go too far, review's coming soon haha

      Thanks for commenting x


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