Thursday, 31 July 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet & Make Up Drawers? | Birthday Haul


My birthday celebrations post went up yesterday so I thought to end my birthday shenanigans with a little haul!
I did do a few trips here and there throughout the week to Primark, I wasn't in the right mind to properly shop because I was looking forward to the night out but I did pick up a few basic bits.
Birthday money is always great to receive and it's even more great to spend it but when I get lots of money in one go, I tend to just save it for a rainy day.

However, these are the bits I picked up, just a few things to style up. Definitely keep an eye out for OOTD's and make up looks! 
My Samsung Tablet was an early birthday gift that I didn't open until my birthday but I thought I'd add it into the haul. Its my best friend right now, I bought it a lovely Pug case to keep it protected until I get my keyboard case! I'll definitely be doing a review soon so don't go far!

Have a look at my haul and let me know if you've picked up similar pieces or if you'd like to see how a certain item is styled!

Primark Ribbed Vest - £2.50

Primark V-Neck Boyfriend Tee - £4

Primark Sheer Cami - £3

New Look Silk Cami - £3 (on sale)

Primark High Waisted Skinny Jeans - £10

Primark Slim Work Trousers - £5

Primark Jumpsuit - £15

Primark Clutch - £6

Primark Satchel - £5 (on sale)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation - £12.49

Nivea Anti Perspirant Double Effect - £1.63 (on sale)

MUA Blusher - £1

Primark Earrings - £1

Primark Mini Tablet Case - £3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave any suggestions!
August tomorrow, woohoo!


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  1. I love that satchel! Does it have a lot of pockets inside?

    Arianne |

    1. It has 'mobile phone' pockets and a separate compartment but it's not spacious, I purposely bought it because I needed something smaller but I still find myself trying to stuff in all my junk! If you carry a lot, you probably won't like it!



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