Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet? | Jylle Navarro

Hi guys,

You're all probably confused but yes, I took these pictures before I changed my hair!
So don't be alarmed, I don't change my hair that frequently haha!

I wanted to show you guys a piece I'm absolutely in love with.

I'm interning with Jylle Navarro, a knitwear designer.
I've been posting my day to day working activities on here so definitely check it out!

But anyway, onto the post!

Whilst I was helping Jylle sort out her endless supply of garments, she said I could have any one of the black tops. I was jumping for joy (inside my head) and I tried on a few before I found THE ONE!

I picked out the laddered knit vest and I love it!

I haven't worn it out yet, I want to find a really nice bralet/bra to go underneath first. I can't wait to style it up, I've got so many ideas swirling around inside my head!

What do you guys think about the piece? If you do want to get your hands on one, there will be a sample soon so I'll keep you guys updated on when and where it is!

Thanks for reading and hope you're all enjoying the Summer so far,

Jesslyn x

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