Sunday, 6 July 2014

Style Inspiration #1 | Gracie Francesca (TheUglyFaceofBeauty)

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd start a style inspiration series, I've been really inspired lately and I think that my style's changing.
I don't think my style is changing drastically but I think I'm starting dress a little older and simpler.

It hasn't even been celeb style that has been inspiring me, it has been my fellow bloggers and amazing youtubers out there. Also, being a London gal means you come across the most unique and admirable street style.

So that being said, let me introduce you to style inspiration numero uno, youtuber and blogger, Gracie AKA UglyFaceofBeauty. 
I'm sure you all know her, she's so beautiful inside and out, I've been a subscriber for years now and a follower of her blog since she started it. I love her style, her mindset, her struggles and the way she overcomes them, her confidence, her hair, makeup, basically I love everything about her.

I always loved how her style was, and is, so versatile. I'm a girl that loves to throw on a pair of trainers with an amazing bomber jacket and then be able to put on a pair of heels with a good blazer. I love the versatility of my style and I think, actually I don't think, I know I learnt that from Gracie.

As you guys know, I'm a huge trainer fan so the casual look is my thing. Gracie pulls off the casual look so well, it's just so effortless!

In terms of dressing up, I love how she can make jeans and a crop top look so classy. The white blazer look is definitely one of my faves, she looks amazing! My birthday's coming up soon (14 days to be exact!) and these gorgeous outfits are definitely inspiring me.

Haha I probably sound like a freak with how obsessed I am with Gracie but she's truly amazing.
Definitely check out her Youtube channel and her blog, I'm sure you'll be inspired by something!

What or who are your style inspirations? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check Gracie out!


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  1. Love your looks- your hair is amazing!!!



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