Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simple Summer Hair

Hi my lovelies!

As some of you may have noticed, I've done a couple of posts with my new hair but you may have missed them. 
If you haven't seen my new hairstyle then ta dah!

I had vibrant red, curly hair before this hair so it was quite a change!
The hair is long and black, I get bored of it and I get hot quite quickly because there's heavy hair sitting on my neck and back.

As its Summer,  I thought it would be a great opportunity to play around with my hair and wear hairstyles that were more summer friendly. 
I headed over to Pinterest to find Inspiration and wow, I was in love!

I found a lovely braided hairstyle and I really wanted to try it out but I couldn't help but think "how am I going to do a braid in my weave?"

So I did some experiments,  weave experiments and finally figured it out!
After figuring it out and getting so many compliments,  I knew I had to share it on the blog!

Here's the tutorial for you guys!

I start off by detangling my hair and making sure my leave out and the area I will be plaiting is moisturised. I use my Hask Argan Oil to do the job. 

1. If you have a leave out (for my weave girls!) make sure you start plaiting where the tracks sit so the plait covers the tracks. If you don't have weave, you're all good to go.

2. Plait all the way down to your nape and make sure the plait is nice and secure so it doesn't unravel when you do step 3!

3. When you've finished plaiting, hold the plait and section off some hair on the other side and tie the rest up.

4. Do the same method on the other side, I have an L-Part so one plait is going to come more forward.

5. You can take the hairband off (that used in step 3) and hold everything very tight and tie the hair. (Which is what I did!) Or you can tie another one on top if you feel like the plait will unravel.

6. This is what the back would look like after plaiting both sides and securing it.

This part is optional, I wanted the hair to be a bit more wavy so I curled my ponytail and brushed it out!
This also gave it more body!

Another optional thing to do is to slick your edges, I did it lightly because I didn't want to put too much product in my hair.

So this is the finished look!
Hope you guys found the tutorial easy to follow, let me know if there's any other hairstyles you'd want me to try, I'd love to experiment with different types of plaits! Just let me know!

Thanks for reading guys!


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