Monday, 14 July 2014

OOTD | Casual Intern

BF Tee & High Waisted Jeans Primark | Snapback eBay | Shoes Nike Hustle Basketball Trainers

Hey everyone,

Some of you may know that I've started an internship with Jylle Navarro and I thought I'd show you guys what I wear every now and then.
I know my outfit is pretty casual but I'm working in a design studio and lovely shirts and stiff blazers are not conducive.

It was actually raining so the snapback was a must, I hate umbrellas so hats and hoods are my alternatives.

I love my new Primark Boyfriend Tee, it's so easy to style. I didn't do much with it on this occasion but I definitely will.

I wore my brown tote bag so it did add some life to my outfit. Also my red hair adds colour to my dark outfits, I've been wearing all black so much lately!

What do you guys think? Are you frowning on the idea of not making much effort as a fashion intern or do you think it's best to just stick to what's comforable?
I'd love to know your opinions because I'm not sure, I'm playing it safe for now!

Thanks for reading, 

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  1. You still look cool hun, its the added touches that make your outfit e.g. hair, nails, accessories xoxo.

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, it's always hard to tell because I'm a casual dresser all the time so I feel like I don't make an effort haha

      Thanks for commenting xo


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