Saturday, 5 July 2014

OOTD | All White ft. The Birkenstock Dupes #2

Shirt (Have no idea, sorry!) | Linen Trousers Primark | Sandals Primark 
Bracelets Camden Market | Casio Watch The Watch Hut* | Lips Miss Sporty Lipstick - Bubblegum  
Cheeks MUA Blusher - Candyfloss | Bronzer MUA Mosaic Bronzer | Earrings Primark

Hey everyone,

I've got an OOTD for you today, I'm absolutely loving getting dressed during the Summer. I personally thought that I would like it and that A/W would be my favourite time to throw on some outfits.
A/W is great for layering which I love but S/S has the colour, the prints and if you dress right, it can look very polished in terms of balancing out how much skin you show and where! Hmm!

Haha anyway, with this outfit, I took a brave step and wore all white. I never wear all white, I'm way to clumsy to wear white, especially, white trousers.

I've really wanted to wear my linen trousers but I've always been put off because they're white and long.
When I wore them the first time, the hems of the trousers were black. I bought them in a size 8 hoping that they were not gonna be that long. Well, a year later I'm wearing them again and they're still quite long but not as ridiculously long but hey ho, my 5ft3  is not growing any time soon. Primark need to do these in a 'Petite' for the shorties!

Nevertheless, I loved this outfit, it was really simple, everyone needs a white shirt! White shirts are so easy to throw on with anything.

And yes, I have my 'Birkenstocks' again, I don't know what to call them, they're the dupes but I call them Birkentstocks because I feel like that's what the type of sandal should be called? Let me know what you guys think!

Well, I have them on again, I love them, they're so comfortable! I'm doing a mini series on how I style them, check out my first outfit with them on, here!

What do you guys think? Do you like the whole white look?
Let me know

Jesslyn x

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