Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hey guys,

First  of all, apologies for the lighting in these pictures, it was raining when I took them so I did my best to edit them without looking over-edited, if  that makes sense.

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to my new hair and nails!

My hair has changed once again! My last hairstyle lasted just under 3 weeks, I loved it but I really wanted black hair for my birthday.
The hair I have in, is in lengths 8", 12" and 16". I have the entire bundles sewn in and a L-part leave out. 
The hair is in it's natural state, I haven't straightened/curled it yet and I cannot wait to start styling it.
Definitely look out for more hair posts and tutorials!

Now for the nails, I've gone back to black, I love them!
I decided to add a diamond this time so it would more sparkle to the nails. I like my nails different but not tacky different so I always stick to a theme.

So that's all my newness! I feel so special, I've been pampered, shopping and happy!

Are any of you being pampered or chilling? On holiday?
I'd love to know your Summer antics!

Jesslyn x

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