Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Favourite Jacket | The Quilted Bomber

Hi guys,

I thought I'd share my favourite jacket with you all.

I've always been in love with jackets, they are my favourite things to wear, obviously after my beloved trainers. They can change the look of an outfit by you just stuffing your arms through the sleeves.
I have so many different types of jackets, boyfriend ones, leather ones, quilted ones, parka ones, hooded ones, all sorts!

However, I've managed to single out my favourite one. The H&M Quilted Bomber.

I bought this jacket over year now and I've never stopped loving it. I remember seeing it in H&M and I wanted to get it straight away but my bestie said just wait, think about it, we'll go somewhere else and if you don't see/like anything else, you should get it!
We went around London, well, from Camden to Oxford Street and I couldn't like anything else. I needed that jacket.
So I went back, paid my £25 and I had my amazing jacket. Funnily enough, my bestie bought the same jacket in black, you just can't leave a beauty on the racks.

I'll try and link a few outfits below but it's such a versatile jacket. It can be layered up in A/W and then worn with a dress in S/S. One of my favourite things about this jacket has to be the orange lining, I'm a sucker for a contrast lining. If you look at my jackets on Jesslyn Robert Clothing, you'd see the mint green lining!
Love contrast!

So that's my favourite jacket, I know it's been over a year and it won't be in stores but the 'bomber jacket' is in trend at the moment so I'm sure you'll find one similar.

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