Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Lust List 2014

Shorts/Blazer Missguided | Lucy Box Clutch Bag Boohoo 

Hi guys!

I'm sure you can all tell how excited I am about July!
It's finally here, my birthday month, I've been waiting ages for July to come around and it's finally, finally here.
So obviously, it being my birthday month, there has been a million and one things I've had my eye on.
Let's just say June was a month of lusting and lusting some more.

After spending so much money on my collection, I was just glad that I could start saving up for things I really wanted (not that I don't love my collection but you know!) and that includes saving up for my expensive birthday week of pampering, eating and partying!

As I'm typing up this post, I have to keep readjusting the image because there's so many things I've been lusting over, as I type, I go 'oh yeah, I loved that co-ord I saw on Missguided' and 'oh, can't forget the concealer I wanted'. 
It's crazy, before I start uni, I'm going to be absolutely broke.

Alright, enough rambling and on with the post!

First of all, has anyone had that period of time when they obsessed over ELF Cosmetics?
My time is now, I've never really look too hard at what they have but oh boy, this month, I've just left the tab open so I can keep adding to my basket. Absolutely, disgraceful haha
The two main items I wanted to talk about in this post is the Maximum Coverage Concealer and the Brush Holder. These two things caught my eye first. 
I've been looking for a new concealer that was a liquid consistency for ages and I think I've found one, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
The second thing is the brush holder. I love the all black, sleek-looking - ness of it. In my bedroom, there's not much of a colour scheme but the things on my dressing table are white.
I can't wait to move house so I can have my own monochrome bedroom!

Next is another make up item. The Revlon ColorStay foundation.
I'm currently using this foundation but I have to mix it because it's slightly darker than my skin tone but I love it as a foundation so I really want to get the right shade.

And now for some fashion bits and bobs.
I've been obsessing over co-ordinates lately. I've started making a scuba one for myself and then hopefully it will be up on the store soon.
I love the colour yellow so when I was scrolling away on Misguided, this bright co-ord caught my eye and jumped straight into my heart. I will have it.
Next is the white Mom Jeans from Topshop. I've seen quite a few people style the demin ones but I really want the white pair. 'I want more white clothes' says the clumsiest girl in the world.

And for some accessories. No lust list is complete without a pair of shoes. I love these metallic pointed heels from ASOS. My pointed heels collection is slowly growing, I love the way they make my feet and legs look.
I need these ones to add to the collection.
I can't forget the amazing box clutch from Boohoo, I really need some new clutches, I'm a big bag girl but sometimes you need a small, classy bag/clutch.
For my birthday night out, I want a black box clutch, I can't choose between this one and a perspex one. Decisions, decisions.

Lastly, a bit of a random lusting item but a Tablet Case, I'm going to be treating myself to a Samsung Galaxy tablet for my birthday so I've been obsessing over cases lately. I really want one with a keyboard.

So that's June's lust list for you guys, I'm probably going to do another one, mid July cause there's so much more I want to have but may not get haha

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!
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Thanks for reading!

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